Are Korean celebrity couples as romantic as their on-screen K-drama counterparts? It turns out they are! Let’s check out five of the sweetest, most romantic wedding proposals!

1. Haha and Byul

“Please marry me. Please be the last love of my life,” Haha begs to Byul in her "So Cute" music video, made out of clips from Haha’s marriage proposal to Byul.

According to Byul, when the couple went to obtain a marriage license, “the clerk asked me whether Ha Ha had proposed. I didn’t expect one and didn’t like events like that, so I was worried that Haha might’ve prepared things like balloons or candles.

“I didn’t want to be proposed. But when Haha oppa answered the clerk, ‘I should propose to her,’ she took out a bouquet under her desk. I thought she gave bouquets to all couples. When she took out the ring box, I panicked.

“When Haha oppa took the bouquet, all of his friends appeared under the desks, behind the ATMs, and stuff.”

The couple welcomed a second son Soul in March.

2. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae

When Tiger JK proposed to Yoon Mi Rae, he was so broke that he didn't have the money to buy a ring. He put a rubber band on her finger and said, "I'll replace this ring to a ring of your choice one day," which made her cry her heart out.

Later that year, they purchased a $25 ring from a flea market and got married.

3. Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won

In 2013, Jung Suk Won made a surprise visit to Baek Ji Young’s concert in the city of Jeonju. He put a video message on screen behind the stage, got up there with a rose, and proposed to her! The singer answered, “Of course,” cried a little, and kissed Jung in front of the fans!

4. Moon Hee Joon and Soyul

Soyul said on the wedding day, “I thought oppa won’t [propose] because he was so busy, but he suggested to go ride a boat one day. When we got to the water, there was a cute yacht. After the proposal, I cried a lot. I was so thankful.”

The couple welcomed their first child in May.

5. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

Though the couple has never explicitly shared details of their marriage proposal, Song Joong Ki proposed to Song Hye Gyo at a Tokyo restaurant in January, according to Dispatch. According to other reports, after the proposal, Song Hye Gyo cried, kept looking at the ring, and showed it off to the staff members.

What’s the most romantic marriage proposal story you’ve ever heard? Please tell us below!


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