One of the easiest ways to live and work in South Korea is to get a job as a native English teacher at either a private or public school. These four internet celebrities started as NETs in Seoul and now they're famous.

1. Megan Bowen (ChoNunMigookSaram)

Megan is a YouTuber from Atlanta, Georgia who moved to Korea around 2010. She started as a hagwon (private school) teacher, but founded her own business that allows her to stay in Korea with visa privileges. She boasts almost 400,000 YouTube subscribers and has met celebrities such as Topp Dogg and is friends with other Korean YouTubers. 

2. Toy (Show Me the Money 3)

Toy, is the female rapper from Team Illionaire on SMTM3. Toyanna Rae moved to Seoul in 2010 as a hagwon teacher as well, with the sole intention to become a singer and rapper at YG Entertainment. Participating in seasons one and three of Show Me the Money, Toy has been focusing more on rap. You can listen to her music on Soundcloud and check her out on Show Me the Money 3, newly added to DramaFever!

3. Bradley Ray Moore (Busker Busker)

Bradley Ray Moore and his wife moved from Ohio in the United States to Cheonan, right outside of Seoul, where they taught kindergarten until they had enough experience to become English teachers at the university level. Bradley started playing drums in his students' band and went on to compete on Superstar K as a part of Busker Busker. Their song "Cherry Blossom Ending" became so synonymous with spring in Korea that it tops the charts every season.

Read more about Moore's crazy ascent to fame here.

4. Simon & Martina (Eat Your Kimchi)

Honestly, this list wouldn't be complete without the (possibly) most famous Korea-based YouTube vlogging couple. Simon and Martina moved from Canada to Seoul, South Korea with the EPIK program and started making videos to share the weird and wacky trends their students were into with their friends and family. They now have more than 1 million YouTube followers and have recently taken their adventures to Japan.

Wildest connection? Simon says K-pop star Lee Hi of YG Entertainment was a former student of his!

Teaching in South Korea can be the gateway to a multitude of other opportunities! Have you ever thought about teaching in Korea?


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