If you've been struggling to find ways to get your friends into Korean dramas, or just Asian dramas in general, fear no more! These K-Dramas provide everything from romantic comedy to science fiction. I'm sure many of you have already watched at least some of these dramas, but if you haven't, you should consider marathoning them with some of your friends! This will probably end up succeeding in getting them into Korean dramas, at least a little bit. So next time your friends have a sleepover, bring out the junk food and put on a K-Drama for all to enjoy! Here are 5 new shows you can start with:

1) My Love From Another Star

People all over the world were bewitched by this show about a 400 year old alien who falls in love with a modern-day Hallyu actress. If you haven't already watched it, you can be sure that both you and your friends will love it!

2) Sly and Single Again

This show is perfect for the person who loves romantic comedies. It manages to stay cute the whole way throughwhile also having a lot of heart.

3) You Are All Surrounded

This show is heavy on the action and lighter on the romance. This may be a good one for your action or comedy loving friends to start off with!

4) Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger will have your heart racing each episode with a completely action packed adventure the whole time. It has everything from long lost first loves to corrupt doctors. This show is for the suspense lovers!

5) KARA: Secret Love

Secret Love is perfect for romance/romantic comedy lovers as well. What's good about this show is that each love story only spans 2 episodes. So it's perfect for getting your friends into with very little commitment!

*Bonus recommendation* The Master's Sun

Though The Master's Sun is a little bit older than the rest of these dramas, it is still the perfect show to get others interested in K-Dramas. It is broadly loved by many as it falls into so many different genres such as comedy, horror, romance, and more!

So those were just a few shows that you can start your friends off with! And it's still early but High School - Love On is off to a great start with the first couple of episodes being delightful!

What newer shows have you used to lure in your friends?