Why is it that the best dramas always seem to end too soon? Sadly, the romantic comedy My Secret Romance reached its adorable conclusion, and now us Asian drama addicts are left wondering what to fill the void with this summer. The good news is that we have 5 fun new romantic comedies to choose from on our Summer Watchlist here at DramaFever! Take a look at the options, and then save 20% on a Premium Membership with our new annual pricing to watch your favorites commercial-free in HD right when they come out! 

 1.  The Best Hit 

Starring Yoon SI Yoon, Kim Min Jae and Lee Se Young

Yoo Hyun Jae (Yoon Si Yoon) is a free-spirited idol from the popular 90s K-pop group J2. He is immensely talented and had a meteoric rise to fame. Lately, though, the only things he is in the news for are his scandals, and then one day he totally disappears. Lee Ji Hoon (Kim Min Jae) is an aspiring singer in 2017 who wishes to be an idol. He is a model student. The people raising him expect Lee Ji Hoon to take the civil service exam. That doesn’t stop our idol wannabe from dreaming of becoming an idol trainee, though. When Yoo Hyun Jae gets struck by lightening and catapulted 20 years into the future, the two collide in 2017, and the singer and the dreamer take charge of a crew of 20-something-year-olds that hang out on top of the world’s hottest attic.


The Best Hit

Starring Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Se Young

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2. Love In Trouble

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

When a prosecutor and his intern slowly start to fall for each other, a forgetful killer has some other plans for their future. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is a prosecutor. He is hard-headed, handsome, intelligent, stern and successful. He is the epitome of what a prosecutor should be, and he has a new headache to deal with. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is a prosecutor trainee. A former Taekwondo athlete, she is both confident and naive. She has been assigned to work under Noh Ji Wook, who really, really does not like her. Soon, once they get past the bickering, Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee start to care for each other. But before their relationship can get a decisive verdict, their latest target turns on them. A murderer with amnesia keeps committing the same murder over and over again, and the two prosecutors investigating him are his next targets. 


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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3. My Sassy Girl

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo

Gyun Woo (Joo Won) is a scholar. Studious and without any time for life’s nonsense, he pays attention only to the task at hand. And his job is to teach the crown prince. However, at the castle, Joo Won meets Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo). Joseon era princesses are trained in being feminine and graceful; this girl skipped training. Hyu Myung is a mess. She is loud, obnoxious and greets our hero by puking on him. The poor scholar doesn’t realize what he is in for, nor where his heart will take him. But is falling in love all that easy, when the object of your affections is so ridiculously sassy?


My Sassy Girl (2017)

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo

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4. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Starring Bai Shu, Cai Wen Jing (aka Elvira Cai), and Leo Li

When a nerd finds a dark technology that allows him to get the perfect robot girlfriend, he accidentally also orders her boyfriend and gets caught in the middle of a very awkward love triangle. Evidently, Ah Zhai had made a mistake in his order. The robot he gets is indeed gorgeous, be he is also a man named Adam (Leo Li). Now, our otaku hits order again and this time he does get his dream girl Eve (Elvira Cai). However, there’s one more problem: she loves the guy-bot, not the nerd. They are now all sharing the same apartment. Not interested in a love triangle with a handsome robot and his girlfriend, Ah Zhai tries to reprogram Eve; he messes up again. After his tampering, Eve now has four different personalities, ranging from helpless maiden to violent goddess. Ah Zhai cannot catch a break. He slowly starts to learn who is behind it all, but can he do anything about it while having to share an apartment with his “girlfriend” and her boyfriend? 


My Girlfriend's Boyfriend - 我女朋友的男朋友

Starring Bai Shu and Cai Wen Jing

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5. Love 'til the End of Summer

Starring Zheng Shuang (Love O2O) and Chen Xue Dong

While a group of friends enjoy life in school without a care in the world, they don’t realize how difficult the following ten summers of their lives are going to be. Li Xia (Zheng Shuang) is the sweetest, most charming girl you will ever meet. In spite of everything that life throws her way, she maintains a positive attitude and believes that you must stand by your loved ones at all costs. She comes from a poor family, but has just gotten the chance to attend a prestigious academy. There, she immediately catches the attention of two local heartthrobs. Fu Xiao Si (Cheney Chen) is a talented artist, who many in the school consider a legend. Inquisitive and thoughtful, the one thing Fu Xiao Si cannot do is express himself, or his feelings for Li Xia. Lu Zhiang (Bai Jing Ting) is an eternal optimist. Judging by his constant smile, you wouldn’t even know the pain he hides in his heart. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and acts as a guardian angel to both Li Xia and Fu Xiao Si. Together, these three become inseparable, making both memories and bonds that seem unbreakable. They plan on remaining friends forever. And then, immediately after graduation, the reality of life slowly begins to creep in.

Fu Xiao Si, now a professional artist, goes through a personal tragedy. Li Xia, once Xiao Si’s assistant and partner, has gone her own way. Lu Zhiang is in prison. One of their former classmates finds fame and is blinded by the glory. Another heads overseas to fulfill her dreams and sees the darkest side of life. To put it simply, life has not been kind. The good old days of school now seem like a distant memory, and the former friends start to question how they were friends in the first place. Can they rediscover that special bond that kept them together, or are they simply rushing to a summer that is long dead?


Love 'til the End of Summer - 夏至未至

Starring Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen

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