Another year, another chance to make resolutions that we will inevitably fail at, making us feel as big a disappointment as the U.S. remake of Boys over Flowers. Not this year, fellow K-drama friends! Below are 5 resolutions tailored to the K-drama fan that are 100% failproof. Let’s crush our 2016 goals together. 

  1. Laugh off those extra pounds

According to research, laughing for even 15 minutes can burn 10-40 calories. Running Man and Infinity Challenge episodes are 80 minutes of hilarity. That’s the equivalent of running ten miles on a treadmill. No actually it isn’t, but it’s still no small chunk of caloric change (I think even John Kim from Oh My Venus would agree). And DramaFever just added the first 90 episodes of Running Man so you can now start from the beginning and watch the pounds giggle and jiggle their way off.

2. Exercise your tear ducts.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, though I have watched at least six K-drama medical shows, so I know a little about what I am talking about — even if one of them involved vampires, which I am pretty sure aren’t real. But I do know our bodies are made up of approximately 65% water. And water is also pretty heavy. When you aren’t laughing off the fat, try crying out that excess water. For maximum tear duct cleansing, I recommend 49 Days, Angel Eyes, Pinocchio, Mask, or really episodes 12-15 of any show. Whatever your drama of choice, allow yourself a good cry. You’ll feel lighter.

3. Curb your binge-watching addiction

We’re all guilty of it. Late nights that give our eyes those dark circles a'la webtoon manager from Flower Boy Next Door. This year, let’s cherish ourselves. Make yourself this promise. Take a deep breath. Don't be scared. Let's binge watch shows no more than seven days a week. You’ll feel really good when you look back and reflect on how you set a goal and stuck with it.

4. Tell Someone you love them

Sometimes the entire plot of a drama hinges on two people not saying how they feel to each other (cough, cough, spoiler alert, Cinderella’s Sister). Do not let this be your fate. Tell the people you love that you love them. Do it often. Give them back hugs. It’s easier than it seems, and you’ll avoid 15 episodes of pain.

5. Save money through my K-drama savings plan

Want to take a trip to Jeju Island, but don't have the cash? Every time you watch a drama and someone says “fighting,” put a dollar in a jar. Every time someone stares longingly at someone else put a dollar in the jar. Every time someone gets amnesia, put a two dollars in said jar. Every time someone kisses like they mean it, and not like they are a statue, put ten dollars in the jar. You’ll be on your way to Jeju before you know it.

So there you go. 2016 won't even know what hit it. Do you all have any other K-drama themed resolutions?

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