This week the k-pop group INFINITE made a comeback with a new album and their music video for the single 'Last Romeo'. If you aren't familiar with the group, you may recognize a few of them from your favorite dramas including Kim Myung Soo (Shut Up Flower Boy Band, The Master's Sun, Sly & Single Again) and Hoya (Answer Me 1997). To celebrate, here are five of my favorite moments featuring the boys from INFINITE!

1. The time the hosts of Weekly Idol proved L cannot sexy dance without a choreographer:

2. The time the group failed to prank Woohyun on his birthday and fail TWICE (and probably could have set the practice room on fire with the candles):

3. The time Sungyeol got scared during filming:

4. The time Sunggyu gave a dog a bath:

5. The time Hoya had too much fun with the helium in a balloon:

Bonus Moment: 'Last Romeo' Music Video!

What's your favorite INFINITE moment? Are you looking forward to their new album? Do you like 'Last Romeo'? Share your thoughts and moments in the comments below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!