If, like me, you are cursing the Lunar New Year for delaying episodes 5 and 6 of Voice, then like me, you have likely already fallen under Voice's pulse-pounding spell of our two police officer lead characters fighting for justice and proving that chemistry is not just a class I nearly failed in high school. Crime shows are one of my favorite Kdrama genres, because, come on, Kdramas do everything better, including fight crime. Inspired by my obsession with Voice, here are five of my favorite Kdrama cops, from the funny to the heroic, who prove that justice is a dish best served with kimchi.

1. Lee Jae Han from Signal

All three of the police officers in this show could easily make my list, but then it would just be a list about Signal! So if I have to choose one, it has got to be Jo Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han. His character has all the qualities I look for in my heroic Kdrama cop: an implacable sense of justice, dogged determination, a good heart, a tragic past, and a magical walkie-talkie. He may not look like your typical swoon-worthy male lead, but by the end, just like rookie Cha Soo Hyun, I too was head over heels for this crazy cop. TLDR; this show is everything.

2. Cha Gun Woo from Who are You?

Ok Taec Yeon is a cop. Enough said. Wait, I take that back, I can say more. So Yi Hyun as his tough female cop boss that can see ghosts is no joke either. These two might be my favorite cop couple, and certainly this is one of my fave cop love triangles too! Did you know that was a thing? Well, now you do!

3. Freaking Everyone from You are All Surrounded

I can’t choose just one cop here, so I nominate this entire team of goofy rookies and their hardened, cynical leader for best overall team. Each character is like a necessary ingredient in this tasty recipe of hijinx-fueled, flower-boy-esque crime fighting that proves that even if revenge is best served cold, cops are best when very hot, and Lee Seung Gi is MVP of hotness.

4. Mrs. Cop from Mrs. Cop

Love me a strong female lead (see #2), and this one is a cop and single mother to boot. Kim Hee Ae’s portrayal of Choi Young Jin is a refreshing spin on the tough-as-nails Kdrama cop. And her love interest, her team of cops with their own love issues, and some awesome fight scenes don’t hurt either.

5. Kang Woo from Master’s Sun

This one is a bit cheap of me to sneak in, since Seo In Guk’s Kang Woo is technically a security guard and not a police officer. But security guards are like the police of the mall, I have a major crush on him, and this is my article, so close enough! Plus he has all the attributes I love in a cop. He is brave (except about ghosts), handsome, honorable, and I mean, it’s Seo In Guk. Nobody rocks an earpiece and a smile like this guy.

6, Bonus movie! Joo Won from Steal My Heart

If you don’t want to binge a show for 16 hours straight right now because of some lame excuse like work or life, this movie is for you. Joo Won’s adorably innocent criminal profiler caught up with his first love who also happens to be the prime suspect in his current case is everything you need to survive right now (well a little soju wouldn’t hurt either). This movie is zany, and that is not a word I use lightly. 

There you have it, some of my favorite Kdrama cops. Is there anyone I missed? 

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