Kdramas just wouldn't be complete without them; those sad tracks that just give you the FEELS! They're designed so that every time they come on they trigger a tragic, longing emotion deep within you. Some singer's voices seem like they were just made to excel at this. Here's a list of 5 of those voices:

1. JeA of Brown Eyed Girls

JeA has long been known as one of the most powerful vocalists in the Korean Entertainment Industry. Take a look at her drama OSTs for Padam Padam, titled "Fool For You":

2. Kim Taewoo

Ranked as having one of the best voices in the industry, the veteran singer Kim Taewoo is able to belt out tunes ranging from cheerful and upbeat all the way to sad and sorrowful. For example, the song tribute to David Foster, "Goodbye" would perfectly accompany the goodbye scene of a sad drama:

3. Haeri of Davichi

A member of Davichi, arguably one of the top ballad groups in South Korea, Haeri and fellow member Kang Min Kyung have won awards for Immortal Songs, and the two have great practice in singing sad ballads. For Haeri, check out the song "Can You Hear Me" from the drama, Tears of Heaven:

4. Yoon Mi Rae

Married to Tiger JK, this female rapper is considered one of the best in the industry. Oh, and have I mentioned that she has a perfect singing voice as well? Take a look her the song, "Touch Love", for the drama, The Master’s Sun and you will know what I mean.

5 .BoA

Known as the Queen of Asia by some, the veteran BoA has done music for some 13 years and her voice has been regarded by many as having no direct challenger. Having been in this industry so long, BoA can pull off any tune easily while the rookies may struggle a little. Just listen to how sad she can sound in the OST song "Between Heaven and Hell" for the Kdrama Shark:

Who else has a great voice for sad drama OST's? Comment below!

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