When you watch a drama, not only the plot intrigues you and the male and female leads attract you, but also the beautiful sound track pulls you in. It is not rare that the actors or actresses contribute to sing the theme song for the drama. Here are the beautiful songs played by your beloved stars.

1. Yao Chen, the female lead in Divorce Lawyers sang the song "Don't Let Love Get Lost" (别让爱迷路)

2. Raymond Lam, who played Emperor Wu Liu Che in The Virtuous Queen of Han sang the song "Protect" (守护)

3. Myolie Wu, Empress Consort Hao-sun in Curse of the Royal Harem, contributed to its OST

4. Ji Sung sang "Manchurian Violet" in Kill Me, Heal Me

5. Kirsten Ren sang "Loneliness, Love or Not" (爱不爱都寂寞) in Someone Like You (听见幸福)

Bonus: Some audiences asked for the ending song for Divorce Lawyers. Here are the Chinese version and the English version of that song. The singer Wanting Qu is is a Chinese-born singer-songwriter and pianist who is now based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Chinese version

English version

You can hear the song in the series Divorce Lawyers: