I'm a fan of the wonderful Taiwanese romance drama In Time With You, and I'm also very enthusiastic about it getting a Korean version. The Korean remake has already offered Ha Ji Won the lead role that Ariel Lin made famous, with some sources reporting that she is confirmed to take the part. So the next big quest is finding Mr. Right for her life-long friend Li Da-Ren (played by Chen Bo Lin). Here are 5 hot guys for your consideration.

In the blockbuster Taiwanese romance drama In Time With You, Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin starred as two best friends who either didn't know they were in love with each other or refused to acknowledge that fact. Over the years, they stayed together as best buddies, and the timing was never right for friendship to blossom into romance. But when You Qing (Ariel Lin) turned 30, things changed. The drama became a great hit, and Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin won Best Actress and Best Actor respectively for their subtle and emotional performances. (In case you are confused about Chinese names, the Lin for Ariel Lin and Chen for Chen Bo Lin are the family names.)

We know Ha Ji Won will be excellent as the new You Qing, but who can fill Chen Bo Lin's shoes? Having a perfect Li Da-Ren is crucial for the drama's success. Li Da-Ren became the model for the perfect man and was put on a pedestal by millions of fangirls with the same level of adulation for Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Everywhere Chen Bo Lin went, he was and still is called "Da-Ren Ge," the Chinese equivalent of "Da-Ren Oppa."

Whoever plays Li Da-Ren needs to possess certain qualities. To start, the actor needs to be able to play Li Da-Ren from high school to his 30s. He has to be handsome, intelligent, but can also restrain his inner feelings and hide his love for You Qing in front of her. In other words, he has to be a good liar to himself and to his best friend. Oh, he also needs to sign and play the ukulele because Chen Bo Lin composed and sang the a tender love song in the drama.

Short of getting Chen Bo Lin to speak Korean overnight, here are some possibilities. Thankfully, all these Korean guys are handsome and talented actors, and they all can sing.

1. Ji Chang Wook

Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook made a fabulously handsome royal couple in Empress Ki. It's time to see them together in a modern setting. Ji Chang Wook can definitely fit the bill.

2. Hyun Bin

Who can deny the chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden? So why not do it again? The only obstacle may be that Hyun Bin is currently in Hyde, Jekyll, and I. But nothing should be too difficult for the marine-trained hottie.

3. Lee Seung Gi

Ha Ji Won successfully bridged their age gap in King 2 Hearts, and their chemistry (and steamy refrigerator kiss) was simply awesome.

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4. Sung Joon

He was mentioned as a possible candidate previously (in this article), and I actually would agree. He even bears a physical resemblance to Chen Bo Lin. He is also currently busy playing a handsome villain in Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

5.  Joo Won

I think pairing Ha Ji Won with Joo Won would be quite intriguing. I became one of his forever fans by watching Tomorrow's Cantabile. Isn't it time for a comeback drama from Joo Won?

I would be fine with any of these hot guys playing the incomparable Li Da-Ren. They are all talented and versatile, and handsome too.

Do you like this list? Any other suggestions?

~ NancyZdramaland

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