Yes, you read the title right. After the tremendous feedback that reverberated from readers about The "5 Possible Mr. Rights for Ha Ji Won" to play Li Da-Ren (Chen Bo Lin) in Ha Ji Won's Korean remake of Ariel Lin's super-popular Taiwanese drama In Time With You, it's time to check out who could play Ding Li Wei (Sunny Wang), the charming playboy who could easily capture a woman's heart but just as easily break it. Let's see if you like the list.

Sunny Wang was almost born to play the role of a tall, handsome, irresistibly charming but untrustworthy hottie. In real life, he is the heir to the famous Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Did you know Sunny's Chinese name is Wang Yang Ming?)  He is also a smart entrepreneur who has built a couture jewelry business, and he's known to capture many a beauty's heart without losing his own.

Although Sunny was relatively new to acting when he popped up on In Time With You, when audience members saw him and his chiseled physique engraved with a fascinating tapestry of vivid tattoos, his popularity went wild and even matched that of the male leading star, Chen Bo Lin. Sunny has since continued in acting as a leading man and also continued on a string of romances in real life.

Now let's see a list of prospects to fill his shoes. I'm not as restrictive on the age limit as I was with the list for Mr. Right, since Mr. Wrong is someone that You Qing met when she was already out of college and working. The only criteria are that he must be handsome and possessing an almost dangerous magnetism. A handsome devil, so to speak.

1. Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won captured many new fans (including me) when he did a comedic and romantic turn in Greatest Love. He would bring in a mature flair full of high-octane masculinity.

2. So Ji Sub

We haven't seen So Ji Sub since The Master's Sun, and it's about time for his comeback. As I explained already, it's a very unique role that few actors can fit perfectly. I believe So Ji Sub is one of the few naturally gifted actors who can make the role come vividly alive. 

3. Gong Yoo

Who hasn't fallen in love with Gong Yoo after watching Coffee Prince? He is someone who can bring an innocent appeal to his character to capture an unsuspecting heart. I can't wait to see him (and his abs) again.

4. Sung Joon

Yes, I know Sung Joon is already on the Mr. Right list, but this talented actor is doing a great job as a handsome villain in Hyde, Jekyll, and I. Before he was revealed as a "bad guy," he was a compassionate doctor who I thought would be in a triangle romance in that drama. As it turned out, he can easily play good or bad.

5. Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung starred with Ha Ji Won in What Happened in Bali, which had a stunning, explosive ending. Therefore, Jo can definitely bring that tingle of danger with him as soon as he steps into You Qing's life. 

Again, I think this role is so unique that even A-list actors should welcome the opportunity to play it. Without the contrast of Mr. Wrong, it wouldn't be so obvious to You Qing that she made a huge mistake and needs to find Mr. Right. We need the right actor to play Mr. Wrong.

Do you like this list? Any other suggestions? To see Sunny Wang's version of the character, watch the original Taiwanese series In Time with You:

~ NancyZdramaland

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