Sound of the Desert starts streaming on DramaFever today. It is definitely one of the best Chinese dramas. Here are the reasons you don't want to miss this one.

1.It is based on the historical romance novel Ballad of the Desert by Tong Hua, who is also the writer of Perfect Couple and Scarlet Heart. She is the top novelist in China right now. She also wrote Song in the Clouds (Love Yun Ge from the Dessert) and Best Time. All of her stories top the TV ratings once they are converted into dramas in China.

2. You cannot miss Eddie Peng in this show. He is a Taiwanese Canadian actor and also a singer. He migrated to Canada at the age of thirteen. In 2015, He will also be joining the cast of The Great Wall, directed by Zhang Yimou along with Matt Damon, Pedro PascalAndy Lau, Willem Dafoe and Luhan.

In 2013, he sang the touching theme song “Did We Have a Deal?” for his movie A Wedding Invitation.

3. Hu Ge is the most intriguing part in this drama. Hu made his breakthrough role as Li Xiaoyao in the television series Chinese Paladin, an adaptation of the action RPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy. He also sang the theme song for The Sound of the Desert

4. Cecilia Liu had over hundreds of outfits in this drama, considering she went through different stages of life and lived in such diverse environments. You can certainly have a taste about what women looked like hundreds years ago in the Han Dynasty.

5. As part of this drama, "Wolf" became even more popular than the rest of cast. Well, it is not a real wolf but a very cute Husky. As you know, he is the best friend of the female lead in the drama; but outside, he is good buddies with Eddie Peng.

Can't wait for watch this drama? Watch it now: