Since Amy Chua described the concept of "Tiger moms" in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, the way of "strict parenting" from Asian parents has remained a hot topic. Now top Chinese stars Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei worked together to put this Tiger Mom theme on the screen, which sparked a debate over "strict parenting" and "free style" in China and over the world. Here are the reasons that you cannot miss this popular TV drama:

1. This drama gained over billions of views on the video sites in China when it aired in May. It is not all about romantic love but more focused on a broad concept of love: family connections, marriage, and more complicated societal issues. It is about the hot debate between so-called Eastern and Western education styles. 

2. Zhao Wei's Wardrobe. She played a tough mom and a managerial level of professional.  As is fitting for a "lean-in" woman, her outfits are quite impressive. 

3. You may want a "Cat Dad" style of warm man after watching this drama. Different from all the other Asian drama guys, he is not a hero and sometimes, he is quite submissive to the tiger mom. He always says the sweetest things, plays romantic songs with the guitar, and stays as a good negotiator in all the fighting scenes. He is the typical example of a "Warm Man" (暖男)

4. It is the third time that Zhao Wei and Tong Da Wei have worked together. The first time was in Red Cliff and the second time was in Dearest. Dearest actually won the Best Actress and Best Screenplay at the The 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and 34th Hong Kong Film Awards. Zhao Wei got  nominated as Best Actress in the 51st Golden Horse Awards and the film was nominated in 58th London Film Festival.

5. Tong Da Wei actually is the only one male actor who co-star with all A-list Chinese female stars. He has a nickname for "standard accompany" for the top-tier celebrities. He was with Zhang Ziyi in The Crossing; he was with Zhou Xun in Meet Miss Anxiety, and he was with Fan Bingbing in Apple.

Now are you looking for his performance with Zhao Wei in Tiger Mom? Watch the first episode now: