Singles Villa is new to DramaFever, releasing 3 episodes each Friday. 8 single men and women, due to their single status are allowed to live in a villa. In this place, dating is banned, and if the rule is broken, they will be kicked out. Each of the renters also harbors secrets, whether they are a second generation heir, a female artist, or an undercover spy in the apartment.

Why do you need to watch this series?

1. Joe Cheng 

He has been really quiet after It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again. Now he is back from military service, playing as the rich heir in Singles Villa. It is the first time for Joe Cheng to join the "Chinese-Korean" co-production. Do you expect to see more that Joe brought back?

2. Jiro Wang

How can you not love Jiro Wang? In Singles Villa, he is the best friend, the most considerate companion and everything. Outside the drama, he is very active in a lot of Chinese variety shows and gained a lot of popularity in mainland China as well.

Do you know he also sang the OST for this Drama?

3. It is originally from a Korean novel Single Village, and it was directed by Korean director Yoon Sang Ho, who also directed Bride of the Century.

4. It is the second time Jiro Wang is in the same show with Joe Cheng. Again they are friend-enemies. Chinese fans called this Drama "Mischievous Kiss Season 3," although it's too sad that Ariel Lin is not the female lead anymore. Do you want to know how the love triangle will work out?

5. It is first time for Chinese dramas to test out weekly airing, learning from Korea. Singles Villa broke the record of cost per episode in terms of romantic comedy production.

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