by KrisE: Ohh-hoo-ho! (Historical drama voice) I know some of you are glaring at your computer screens thinking “KrisE you’ve gone toooooo far this time! Nothing compares to CITY HUNTER!” Maybe in an alternate universe you’re right; but I swear BRIDAL MASK is soooo much better and I came up with five reasons why. Yes these reasons are set in stone :P 1. Joo Won vs. Lee Min Ho's acting: Sorry but Joo Won or who I like to call “Ma Jun-ahh” (Baker King Kim Tak Goo reference) is a wayyyyy better actor than Lee Min Ho. Don't misunderstand me, I think Min Ho is amazing and Goo Jun Pyo is one of my favorite kdrama characters ever BUT! He just doesn't have the range like Joo Won has. There were moments in City Hunter where I was just like “ummkay hes totally Goo Jun Pyo but the medicated version”...for serious.

2.  The Costumes: Now this is personal preference but i’ll take Joo won in an extremely fitted suit anytime over skinny jeans and a tee -_- Now I will say, I prefer Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter Attire” vs “The Bridal Mask Pajama Set.” However obviously different time periods, different clothing styles, but the 30s casual/evening wear and uniforms just make every evil person seem that much more deranged.

3. Facial Masks: Bridal Mask totally wins hands down and not because its way cooler to look at than a plain black surgical mask; but because it reminds me of freaking SAW! LOL I cant be the only person watching who wasnt like “That looks sooo familiar..hmmmm “BINGO!” Its Jigsaw from the Saw movies!!!” Even writing this is making me crack up all over again..O.M.G!

4. Waterworks: Ugh, between Kang To (Joo won) and his brother shedding tears, precious Min Ho just cant hold a candle. Sorry, but Joo Won totally annihilated Lee Min Ho during that one scene...I dont “spoil” so you know the one, where he's on the floor in the house, and his face turned into the Grudge (seriously his face got ugly and I laughed so hard because i’m immature that way) and he was wailing like a banshee. Best cry probably everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in a drama!

5. Finally, the top reason Bridal Mask tops City Hunter is simply because Lee Min Ho never CRACKED A WHIP in his drama! Joo Won took off his suit jacket, cracked that whip (Episode 11) and it was GAME OVER! I probably rewatched that scene like 20x ^_^

Now maybe this seemed like the “Joo Won” show and so what! He is Gakistalllllll!! But maybe you all have some better reasons why Bridal Mask tops City Hunter, or reasons City Hunter tops Bridal Mask. Team Bridal, Team City, whatever! Let me know by commenting below!! KrisE @k_kisses_krise [poll id="46"]