There is always more to the actors behind our movies and dramas than we see, which is why it can be so fun to learn more about them. With The Huntresses, starring Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Son Ga In coming to DramaFever this weekend, here are 5 admirable facts you should know about the amazing leading lady, Ha Ji Won!

1. She fully believes in character immersion.

Ji Won takes the roles of her characters so seriously that she has said she "becomes uncomfortable with how much she can disappear into her role." As part of that, she feels what her character does, including love, sadness, and anger. After filming the movie Sector 7, she stated that she had to see a therapist because she "couldn’t recover from the fate of her character in the movie." Talk about intense!

2. She loves to spend her birthday with fans.

Fan meetings are nothing new, but Ji Won has a special way of showing love to her fans by spending time with them on her birthday. There are numerous videos of her hugging fans and being extremely gracious when receiving gifts because she knows that they have worked hard to get them to her. The video below features her speaking to the audience during one of her birthday celebrations.

3. She loves to explore different genres.

Many actors fall into stereotypical roles, however, Ji Won has never liked being labelled. After being dubbed "Asia's Horror Princess" because of her first few roles, she decided that she was going to break free of the title by declining roles in the horror genre. Since then, she has taken on many different roles in action, such as Sector 7, historical/period, like Damo and Hwang Jin Yi, romantic comedies, such as Secret Garden and King 2 Hearts, and more.

4. She likes to exercise.

During a candid interview for her movie Korea in 2012, Ji Won said, "In order to maintain youth, the right amount of muscle is always needed. Women actually need to do more strength training for their muscles. I have a lot of muscles because of my new film, but the right amount of training will help maintain youth." She then shyly stated, "It will also push up everything for a woman's body," which caused the MBC TV's Good Day reporter to blush as well!

5. She is also a singer.

Although she focuses on acting, Ji Won has been known to sing from time-to-time. In fact earlier this year, in June, she released a digital single called "Now In This Place." While an actual music video for the song does not exist, the video below features the audio along with the romanized and English translation of the lyrics. She sounds amazing!

6. Bonus: She is incredibly giving.

Ha Ji Won has been involved in various charitable projects since the beginning of her career, including the Smile Again Project, which helped benefit low-income families and those with disabilities.

Luckily for us, we get to see more of Ha Ji Won in this week's DramaFever Movie Night, The Huntresses.

Tell me what you think about Ha Ji Won. Does she star in one of you favorite dramas? Did you like her digital single? Let me know all of you thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!

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