It’s come to my attention through this latest tweeted photo of Jaejoong sitting at a fashion show, that he has another talent. From this photo it’s beyond obvious that he makes a fantastic audience seat filler.

He is most certainly one person you’d always want to invite to your event because he makes everyone else look 100x better. If he and all his hotness weren't sitting in that seat, you and I both know that fashion show would have looked boring as all hell with all those plain, non-fabulous looking people around him. If this photo isnt proof enough of his talent maybe the rest of these will be.

5. If he was a seat filler at your event, he would give more than his attention; he'd give pouty lips and finger lip touching!

4. If your guests sat behind JJ, not only would they get a good show but they'd get a nice view of Tats and muscles!

3. JJ would add a dash of Idol-licious style to your row of guests. While everyone else is sitting in plain, boring suits and dresses, JJ out does them all with a glitzy suit!

2. JJ would be the only one of your guests in a well lit arena with dark sunglasses on to add a bit of "mystery" to your event!

1. When your event is lacking in entertainment leave it to JJ to liven the guests! That little girl knows she has the best seat in the house!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE