Usually, after a show I love ends I have to wait forever to get another dose of the actors or actresses I love, but the fates have smiled down on me and delivered Stay With Me right on the tail of When a Snail Falls in Love. I only had to suffer Wang Kai withdrawal for a few short days, and this show offers even more romance, so I am already in deep addiction mode. If you aren’t sure if this show is for you, here are five reasons to get on board and stay with Stay With Me.

  1. Wang Kai as Chen Yi Du

People, I love this actor right now. LOVE HIM. I do want to take a moment and reassure So Ji Sub that he is not in danger of being usurped as my top bias, but Wang Kai is climbing through the ranks as a major bias contender. From Nirvana in Fire to When a Snail Falls in Love to Stay with Me, he is just so good at playing complicated characters in various levels of acute turmoil. And his turmoil face is so hot! There hasn’t been a fan service shower scene yet in Stay With Me, but don’t fret because we still have plenty of episodes left. And it is fan service enough that he looks this good in a suit.

2. Joe Chen as Li Wei Wei

This actress has been in many hit shows over the years, and she is amazing at playing emotions ranging from tragic to comic, which is good because our plucky amnesiac heroine in this show has ample reasons to vacillate between these emotions in every episode. Joe Chen also has amazing chemistry with all the characters on the show, and you can easily see why Wang Kai’s character has never gotten over her and why our second male lead just can’t give up on her either. Come for the love story, stay for the humor when they get stranded in a tree. Joe Chen will not disappoint.

3. The Romance

Ugh. This show is going to destroy me. I just know it. I’m already a wreck watching Wang Kai keep misunderstanding his lady friend / nemesis and looking so tormented because of it. Gah! Why can’t yelling at the television burn more calories? Stay With Me has all the elements that usually wreak havoc on my tear ducts, but honed to sad, sad perfection. Star-crossed lovers? Check. Misunderstandings and smoldering looks? Check. CHEMISTRY? Check, check, check! Endless pain? Check. Also, is someone cutting an onion in here because I am already tearing up just thinking about them.

4. The Love Triangle / Square / Pentagon?

There is a very strong love triangle in Stay With Me, but lucky for us love seems to have more than three sides in this show. There is also an international male supermodel and Wang Kai’s top designer that add complications and emotional confusion to the story of our poor little amnesiac and her stoic ex-beau. I love when they really pile on the romantic entanglements, and this show seems destined to exceed my hopes on that end.

5. The Villain

Oh man, this bad guy seems so bad. There is still a lot of mystery behind Mo Fan's motivations and endgame, but it is clear he will stop at no length to mess everything up for our star-crossed lovers. But what makes him so bad is that the actor really injects a sense of keen pleasure in the villain’s evil plans. His little creepy smiles are terrifying, and do not bode well for my nerves as the show revs up.

6. Bonus Reason: The Cast of Characters

I couldn't stop at five reasons! And this one matters. Every character in this show has a clear and entertaining personality. Since the show is longer than a typical K-drama, as Chinese dramas are apt to be, the more story lines and characters to keep us invested, the better. And boy, does this show deliver. While my favorite scenes are definitely between the two main characters, I love all the interactions between the two feuding design firms too and friends and family. And Chen Yi Du's mom? Whoa! Also, did I mention the chemistry between these leads?

So there you go. You don't need more than reason #1, but here are plenty. So get watching!


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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