The first reaction I had upon hearing that The Perfect Match would be showing on DramaFever was a cheer to see Chris Wu again! For those of you who have watched Taiwanese dramas, you may remember Chris as "Terry" from Substitute Princess, where he was so popular as the second male lead that the drama ended up not letting the first male lead win the leading lady. That's really quite a feat! So, what is The Perfect Match about? What makes it a perfect binge?

1. What's more perfect than the perfect combination of love and cuisine? The Perfect Match is a romantic comedy drama centered around a couple who meet as competing chefs. One is an acclaimed chef, the other is a night-market food vendor. Their romance is sure to ignite fiery sparks.

2. Chris Wu - as Huo Ting Eng, an award-winning chef who finds himself irresistibly attracted to a night-market cook. 

After his outstanding performance in Substitute Princess and Autumn's Concerto, Chris Wu has now become one of the top leading men in Taiwan. In 2013, he won the Best Actor award at the 18th Asian Television Awards in Singapore for Emerging Light, a poignant drama series. In 2016, Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards awarded The Best Actor in a Television Series to Chris, who starred as a young fighter pilot in A Touch of Green, a heart-wrenching period drama. You can also find Chris starring in the romantic drama Love of Sandstrom on DramaFever.

3. Ivy Shao - as Wei Fen Qing, the night market cook who sells inexpensive but delicious food and dares to stand up to a famous chef.

Ivy debuted in a minor role on Skip Beat, which starred Ivy Chen and Choi Si Won. Since then, she has continued to take on more roles and gained recognition in her acting career. She was the second female lead in When I See You Again in 2015. She shined in her first leading role in Back to 1989 last year, and now stars with Chris Wu in their cute romantic pairing that proves love and food go hand-in-hand together.

4. Ben Wu - as Meng Shao Wei, a handsome young CEO and rich heir, who seeks someone who'll love him but not for his wealth.

In an interesting twist on triangle romance, the 26-year-old singer-actor is now the rising second male lead who may threaten the first male lead in the romantic drama. He rose to fame in Love Cuisine, where his performance as an obstinate but ultimately warmhearted student earned him a New Actor award. 

5. The Perfect Match went on air from March to May this year and quickly became a #1 hit drama in Taiwan, where quality and diversity in food has long made the island an international foodie destination. It's certainly a good sign that the international viewers will enjoy the rom-com drama about love and cuisine.

Watch the cute, English-subbed, MV "Pray for Love" here:


The Perfect Match - 極品絕配

Starring Ivy Shao and Chris Wu

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The entire series will be available on DramaFever on November 9. 

Add it to your watchlist and enjoy the perfect binge!

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