If you are a manga fan, you are familiar with Honey and Clover. This popular manga has been remade for movies and dramas. You don't want to miss this one.

1. Joe Cheng as Takumi Mayama: As a male lead in Honey and Clover, Joe continued his charisma from It Started With A Kiss, playing the student who had a crush on his teacher but eventually... It would be better to save the spoiler. 

2. Eddie Peng as Shinobu Morita: it was one of his earliest works so you will find some similarities between Eddie's image and "you-know-who".

3. Besides the outstanding looks of these two idols, there are also unexpected scenes from Joe Cheng and Eddie Peng. And unexpected chemistry between these two. 

4. The OST of this drama hit the top 10 of G-music once it came out. The leads formed the Clover band to perform for the OST.

5. Janine Chang as Ayumi Yamada. You may not know it was the first time she worked with Joe Cheng. After this drama, she and Joe Cheng again performed in You Light Up My Star. And in the next year, you will see her with Song Seung Hun in a movie called The Big Bomb. Looking forward to it?

Watch Honey And Clover now.