Even a genius could be quite clueless when it comes to reading secret signals sent from human hearts. Heart Signal, despite being officially billed as a dating show, is surprising us by being more like a romantic mystery drama. Let's count the many suspenseful, but also hilarious, ways that the show will keep you guessing about the romantic couples.

<Spoilers ahead> I've watched three episodes of the 14-episode show.

1. Who will end up as a dating couple?

Six strangers are selected to live in the show's Signal House for a month. They don't know each other ahead of time, and they're forbidden to mention their jobs and backgrounds until later. It's a great test for them (and the viewers) on how first impressions remain or change when you learn more about someone's job, education level, and family background.

Unlike the usual dating shows where multiple contestants compete for the attention of one bachelor (or bachelorette,) Heart Signal selected three men and three women, and the mystery is in guessing how they'll end up as pairs, or not at all.

2. Love experts or crime investigators?

A panel of experts investigate the love scenes and clues. These "love forecasters" include celebrities and even a (handsome) psychologist to give us their take on the participants' visible and not-so-visible subconscious signs. They discuss and prove their points with play-by-play supporting evidence.

Their conversation is a mixture of candid thoughts mixed with humor. I particularly love that there are four men among the six observers because they really shed light on how a male's gesture or speech might be misunderstood by a female. The friendly conversations can sometimes heat up as the experts themselves debate their conclusions based on intuition versus logic.

3. Anonymous "stalker" texts?

A really stressful rule is that the participants are required to send a nightly text anonymously to someone they like. It's not as easy as it sounds despite the anonymity. Since each person can only send one text, what if someone doesn't receive any text? Or, do you send a text to a different person everyday? How do you guess who sent you a text when you're not allowed to tell or ask?

As painful as it is for the participants, it's quite the opposite for the spectators to guess how each of them will send the texts. It truly confirms the saying about not building your happiness upon someone else's pain. You really feel sad for those who don't receive a single text, but also feel joy when you guess it right.

4. Killer moves!

For the person who doesn't get any texts, and therefore knows he/she is not "liked," how does that person react? This is when we might also ask ourselves how we react when we feel rejected. Does your competitive spirit take over to push your best foot forward? Or do you resort to backstabbing? 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show is seeing how the young romantic hopefuls think and act. For instance, one contestant executes a "killer move" by getting up early to make Tiramisu, the sweet and rich dessert that means "pick-me-up" in Italian. 

5. Who will be holding hands at the end? Who will win?

The rules seem simple, but they could keep changing and affect the dynamics of perceived coupling. So far, when the love experts guess right, they are rewarded with "love gemstones," but they can only win if they guess it right at the end of the show. 

As you gradually learn more about the personalities involved, you'll probably pick out your favorite couple-to-be. 

Doesn't the dating show come across as a romantic mystery thriller? 

The ultimate surprise is that since it is not a scripted story, the participants speak with their own thoughts and act according to their own decisions. 

The best seat is right here. Let's keep watching Heart Signal. It's only 14 episodes and a perfect binge.


Heart Signal

Starring Lee Sang Min and Shin Dong Hee

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I usually lean toward dramas and thrillers, and I'm surprised by how suspenseful this reality show is.

If you've been watching Heart Signal, who are your favorite players?

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