Sometimes the universe rises up and presents you with an unexpected gift out of nowhere. You open it, heart filled with excited trepidation. Will it be good? Will it be bad? As an optimist my heart cries, "It will be awesome! Go, go, go!" So it is with Oh My God, the So Ji Sub/Shin Min Ah drama that popped up from nowhere and about which we know very little. Still, we have reason to hope it will be a wonderful little treat for drama fans, and here's why:

5.) It is only 16 episodes. 16 episodes equals lean and mean story telling in the wacky world of K-dramas. One cannot have too many car crashes, trips to the hospital, bouts of amnesia, or kidnapping plots in 16 episodes. A couple of relationship-driven twists, sure, but solemnly beeping hospital machines and gently weeping humidifiers will most likely be in the backstory.

We're so beautiful the universe would explode if we looked at each other.

4.) The only two big names attached are Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. I keep hoping to NOT see a news story attaching a K pop name to this project. K-pop name added means love triangle, and I don't want a love triangle, quadrangle, or any other geometric shape near this show. See above "lean and mean" storyline. So Ji Sub's last project, One Sunny Day, barely grazed the love triangle trope and was the stronger for it. If one is in a love triangle with So Ji Sub, one PICKS So Ji Sub.

Still not looking at each other. Still saving the universe.

3.) It's got a cuckoo premise — for those two. He's a personal trainer and she's overweight and "not so attractive"? Huh?! Shin Min Ah not attractive?!! Am I taking crazy pills? I can't wait to see how on earth they plan on pulling that off. (Side Note: Coming soon to K-dramas: Water not wet, Ice not cold, Fire not burning!) It will be amazing or mock worthy, but either way, highly entertaining.

This must be the point he was praying for the photo shoot to be over. Intensely. Being beautiful is really draining.

2.) So Ji Sub. Yeah, I can't believe it either but he's only number two on the list. Mark your diaries. The series description called his character someone who has overcome "devastating injury" with "patience and stubbornness". So Ji Sub brings a sense of wounded isolation to his hero roles, which makes you long for him to find happiness. Couple this with a character that has realized that persevering to health and wholeness worked for him, and you get an intense, driven hero. Intense, driven heroes who are as beautiful as "bright Apollo who Daphne he pursued"? Count me in! 

Yes, I DO want to be your friend. We are just alike! I love eating chicken too.

1.) Shin Min Ah. Shin Min Ah has an amazing smile. It's mischievous and dimpled and makes you feel like you are her friend right through the TV screen. What's more, her characters tend to be a little klutzy, endearing as heck, and kick a** all at once — like a fuzzy kitten suddenly putting a Kung Fu smackdown on something. She's never a prize to be won and she has agency of her own, but you still find yourself cheering for the hero to win her heart.

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