If, like me, you have already powered through the first two episodes of Doctor Crush, then odds are that immediately after the cliff-hanger of episode 2, you went online and ordered your own pair of those amazing black leather pants. And if you haven't started this show yet, then let me assure you that you should, leather pants or no leather pants, because this show promises to be an exhilarating mix of high school romance and betrayal, medical intrigue, and kick-ass action. There are so many reasons to watch this show, but here are the top five ways I am already crushing hard on Doctor Crush.

1. Park Shin Hye

Oh, how I have missed her! She’s played a nun, a reluctant heir, a truth-telling reporter, and an agoraphobic neighbor, but in Doctor Crush she is 100% tough as nails. She lies easily sans hiccups and rocks a brilliant I.Q. hidden under her gangster exterior. Her character is far less damsel in distress and more hero in her own right. Plus, Park Shin Hye does her own stunts in the show, which is no small humblebrag when you see her action scenes. Seriously, she is just such a crazy and human character, and you really feel like Park Shin Hye is having a great time throwing those high kicks and gut punches. If they ever make a sequel to Healer I know who I vote to cast as the titular character.

2. Kim Rae Won

I wasn’t familiar with Kim Rae Won before this show, and was skeptical of their chemistry and the story's age gap. But then I saw him in action, and while perhaps not as deliciously revealing as a shower scene, his smiling face is fan service enough (at least for the first two episodes). Plus, it’s nice to take a break from the love interest being a cold and aloof chaebol and make him a really nice guy. Sidenote: None of my teachers looked that good when I was in high school. If they had, maybe I would be a doctor now too. Sigh.

3. Kim Ji Soo

Unlike Kim Rae Won, I was very familiar with Kim Ji Soo before this show (like his picture as wallpaper on my computer familiar!), but I had no idea he was in this show until he and Park Shin Hye chewed up a scene together and left me reaching for the rewind button. If you don't know Kim Ji Soo, please do yourself the favor of acquainting yourself right now! He was the breakout star of Cheer Up!, and he somehow made training for a piano concert seem athletic and romantic in Page Turner. Now he seems prepped to play the tough guy end of one attractive love triangle. If I didn't like Park Shin Hye so much, I would almost hate her for this good fortune.

4. The Fight Scenes

Whoa, this show is not afraid to let a brawl break out between the ladies at a club. I love a well-choreographed fight scene, and considering Park Shin Hye's character isn’t afraid to take her action moves to the hospital even as a doctor, I have a feeling we’ll get more than a few episodes to come where she flexes her action scene chops. Also, how weird would it have been for the police to call my homeroom teacher when I got arrested at a club for a brawl. I am pretty sure Ms. Pendergast would not have brought drinks to the cops and thanked them for working so hard.

5. The Plot

We’ve seen Park Shin Hye go from rags to riches, and from nun to boy to girl, but never from gangster to doctor. I am totally curious how we are going to go from who PSH is in flashbacks to the doctor she is in the opening scenes of the show, and how they will balance the tricky logistics of a teacher and student love story. Considering the crazy cliff-hanger of episode 2, I really don’t get how she doesn’t end up in jail instead of the emergency room. But in any healthy K-drama diet, you need at least one show that is willing to go over-the-top, and if episodes 1 and 2 of Doctor Crush are any proof, the writers here are not afraid to amp the drama up to 11. 

So tell me, why are you obsessively refreshing your browser waiting for episode 3 of Doctor Crush


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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