Have you been desperately refreshing your browser in hopes that Tunnel will miraculously be there? Are you struggling to survive between episodes of My Secret Romance, or just twitching in withdrawal still from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? Have no fear. I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on television, but I can heal you! Or at least I know someone who can. Love in Trouble, starring our resident healer of all ailments K-drama, Ji Chang Wook, is a funny, sweet, and strange show that does not disappoint. Here are five reasons to drink the Love in Trouble kool-aid with me.

1. Ji Chang Wook

Boom. Mic drop. Enough said. All other reasons for watching this show are proverbial icing on the Healer cake. Why? Um, because Ji Chang Wook is everything, and in this show he proves it once again. The man is ridiculously handsome, funny, and charming, and did I mention since he plays a prosecutor, he is also insanely crush-worthy in his lawyerly robes. And he gives smoldering looks that could grill meat to perfection. Also, they kind of hint at his character’s musical talents early on. And if you are as obsessed by Ji Chang Wook as I am, you know that might be a foreshadowing of OST ballads to come. Somewhere a choir of angels are singing for our good fortune.

(Above: Ji Chang Wook imitating the way I look when waiting for new episodes of Love in Trouble!)

2. Nam Ji Hyun

It took me the first episode to figure out how I knew this actress, then I realized she was the younger version of Gu Hye Sun’s character in Angel Eyes. The relationship with her and Kang Ha Neul was hands down my favorite part of the show. She was also recently in Shopping King Louis with Seo In Guk and clearly must have saved a village in a previous life to pair up with Ji Chang Wook after getting to romance both Seo In Guk and Kang Ha Neul. When I am able to pull myself away from hating her for getting to romance not one but three of my baes, I find her feisty character totally charming.

(Above: Nam Ji Hyun imitating the way I look at the television when an episode ends and there are no new ones to watch.)

3. The Plot

This show starts out with a traditional meet-cute mix-up with some mistaken identity / soju-fueled hijinx. But it doesn’t take long until it takes a sharp, oddly comic turn into murder mystery. So basically this show has everything I love. Quick pacing, humor, mystery, love, and of course Ji Chang Wook. Sidenote: How is it fair that he looks so good in glasses? Then he takes them off and...he looks so good without them. I would like the writers to experiment if the same is true of shirts and towels. You know, for science.

(Above: Gratuitous photo of Ji Chang Wook's rakish smile)

4. Short episodes!

When you’ve been watching K-dramas for a while like me, sometimes their 16-20 hour-long episode cadence can become a teeny bit slow, which is why I love to gobble up the shorter shows. It is refreshing to have the pace change, and this plot is pretty unusual too. It is a true palette cleanser while waiting impatiently for Tunnel to come back and stress me out again.

(Above: Ji Chang Wook imitating my face as I stress out about how Tunnel will end.)

5. The Ensemble of Side Characters

This show has two funny mothers a la Heirs, a mysterious father-figure guy, a hilarious grudge between another lawyer and Ji Chang Wook, plenty of other lawyers and criminals, and hints at a mysterious past for at least one of the lead characters. Even for a show with hour-long episodes, the ensemble of characters would be plenty to keep the show snappy and fun, but with the shorter episodes, it is completely delicious. And the murderer? Is he one of the characters or someone else? I NEED TO KNOW.

(Above: Me when anyone says they don't like K-dramas.)

So there you go! Five reasons you need to watch Love in Trouble right now. Any reason I missed? 

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