Looking for a new romantic comedy? Look no further than DramaFever's exclusive, Unemployed Romance. This 10 episode Kdrama is about a television writer, Seung Hee, played by Vampire Prosecutor's Lee Young Ah, who lives off unemployment benefits while she waits to make it big. She runs into her first love, Jong Dae, played by Can You Hear My Heart's Nam Goong Min, at the unemployment office. Seung Hee is embarrassed to run into Jong Dae in this setting, and he is not too happy to see her either, as it seems like she brings bad luck wherever she goes. Unemployed Romance promises to be a fun time! Here are 5 reasons you need to watch this DramaFever exclusive:

1. The hot male lead, Nam Goong Min.

Who could argue that Nam Goong Min doesn't make some great eye candy? He's the perfect combination of sexy and adorable. We can't wait to see him take on the lead role in Unemployed Romance!

2. The beauty and talent of the female lead, Lee Young Ah.

Lee Young Ah was terrific in her role as the strong, smart female lead in Vampire Prosecutor. It will be fun to see her in a more comedic role as well.

3.The chemistry between the two.

At the first cast reading of Unemployed Romance, Lee Young Ah leaned over and gave Nam Goong Min a surprise kiss on the cheek. It seems she just couldn't resist his charm, which bodes well for the on-screen romance as well. Look how cute he is when he gets all flustered by her touch! Adorable.

4. The playfulness of the script.

After a summer of intense horror and action Kdramas like The Master's Sun and Two Weeks, it will be refreshing to mix things up with a light-hearted, playful romantic comedy. This drama promises some fun comedic moments that will be great stress relievers.

5. Promise of a dramatic love triangle.

The second female lead, Seung Hee's best friend Seon Joo, played by solo artisit Bae Seul Gi from The Greatest Love, is a famous writer who stole the opportunity from Seung Hee that made her famous. The second male lead, Jong Dae's best high school friend Wan Ha, played by Suh Joon Young from To The Beautiful You, is a well-mannered lawyer. Can't you just see these second male and female leads barging in to upset the romance between the main couple?

Stay tuned to find out more about this fun new drama!