If you, like me, have been pleasantly surprised and totally hooked on  When a Snail Falls in Love, then you also know that the lead actor Wang Kai is easy on the eyes and easy to fall in love with. Whether you were already familiar with him, even already mildly stalking him (cough, cough, me…), or are experiencing the Wang Kai swoon effect for the first time, you should know there are as many good reasons to fall for this Chinese actor as there are times I have refreshed my computer this week waiting for a new episode of When a Snail Falls in Love, which means a lot. Here are my top five:

1. The man can act

Wang Kai is not an idol turned actor with sudden overnight success, and that’s a good thing. A graduate from the Central Academy of Drama, Wang Kai has been working as an actor for ten years and his work keeps improving with each project, though he became a breakthrough star to a international audiences after his role of Prince Jing in  Nirvana in Fire. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good idol drama, but when you are watching someone with Wang Kai’s skills (and he's got the awards to prove it), the smoldering looks are hotter, the tension is higher, and the humor is bigger. Every look he gives to Xu Xu in this show destroys me. I could heat my house all winter from the smolder he gives off. 

2. The man can sing

Just because he is an award-winning actor, doesn't mean he can't sing like an idol. This guy has some sultry pipes. (Also, you'll see a friendly snail face around 2:22 in this video).

3. He loves his fans

Okay, we know his fans love him, but who doesn’t love a star who reciprocates the affection. For instance, in When a Snail Falls in Love, Wang Kai loves us so much he filmed this gratuitous shower scene just because. He is a saint among men. Did I mention I could heat my house off the smolder, cause it's still true.

4. He can rock any outfit

He’s often seen in magazines posing in suits, in Nirvana in Fire he was dressed in princely period costumes, and in Snail he is a cop with a penchant for casual running wear. As proved in number 3 above, clothed or not, the man looks good in anything or next to anyone, including this unbelievably lucky cat.

5. He's not slowing down

Even though he's been acting for a decade, he shows no signs of slowing down his work. And that means more shows, more movies, and more smolder. I really respect a person with a strong work ethic, especially when it means our one-sided romance won't be over yet. Fighting, Wang Kai!

There you go, five reasons to be as obsessed by this actor as I am. What do you like best about Wang Kai?


When a Snail Falls in Love - 如果蜗牛有爱情

Starring Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen

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