Are you a food lover? Do you enjoying watch Late Night Restaurant or Jeju Island Gatsby or Oh My Ghostess?  All those food related dramasnot only bring you the delicious food, but also the juicy stories about relationships and love. Here comes the Love Cuisine, another drama related to your taste buds. Here are 5 reasons to start watching:

1. The first episode broke the rating record for Friday night dramas in Taiwan. An unexpected kiss scene and hilarious teacher-student relationship are going beyond your imagination.

2. If you are fan of Lego Lee, you can not miss this drama. In the press conference, Lego stated that he finally realized his dream to become a teacher. From Honey and Clover to Aim High, from In a Good Way to Love Cuisine, you can see the growth of Lego Li from a "student" to a "master." Lego expressed his feelings about this drama, saying he had practice a lot to become more skillful at cooking, especially with the knife. He also said if the drama goes well, he certainly will invite his fans for a special cooking event with him. 

3. More flower boys are on the way. If you are fan of School 2015 or High School Love On, you will also find an entertaining dramas in this cuisine school. You might find the similarities between Love Cuisine and School 2013 with the chemistry between the teachers, the mess with the students, and the tension among the two, but it is indeed fun to watch. Sing Hom, Wu Si Xian, and other 90s-born new stars are in this drama, just like Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk used to be.

4. The debate for the education: Friend or Master Shifu? Two high school teachers have two different style of teaching: one always wants to love the students and become their friends, and the other is determined to make sure the students are well trained. Here comes the debate and the hit chemistry.

5. You will love the OST. The singer's name is Bii, who is a South Korean-Chinese singer, active in Taiwan.

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