The first episode of long-awaited 100 Days My Prince airs tonight exclusively on DramaFever. To celebrate, here are five reasons to watch this historical romantic comedy K-drama according to the actors Do Kyung Soo (EXO’s D.O.), Nam Ji Hyun, Jo Sung Ha, Jo Han Chul, Kim Sun Ho, and Han So Hee. Take a look!

1. 100 Days My Prince will be fun to watch because it was fun to film

As many of you already know, this would be Do Kyung Soo’s first time playing a protagonist. Initially he felt a big responsibility, but learned to enjoy the process. Leading the drama was “more challenging than I’d imagined. But the teamwork was great, so I didn’t feel pressured and had fun on set,” the actor explained at Tuesday’s press conference.

Additionally, actress Nam Ji Hyun said, “I was so happy filming ‘100 Days My Prince.’ I hope it’ll shine through.”

2. The female protagonist is a round character

Long gone are the days Cinderellas dominated the K-drama scenes. The complexity of her character appealed to actress Nam Ji Hyun, who describes Hong Shim as “strong-willed, indefatigable, and soft-hearted” at the same time.

3. Do Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun’s romance is to die for

Actor Jo Sung Ha had wanted to take part in 100 Days My Prince, because he was convinced from the get-go that Do Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun’s romantic comedy would be so much fun to watch. Actor Jo Sung Ha plays prime minister Kim Cha Uhn and the father of princess Kim So Hye (Han So Hee).

4. 100 Days My Prince may be set in Joseon dynasty, but it’s trendy AF

“It’s a historical drama, but also trendy, humorous, and comical,” explains actor Jo Han Chul, who plays the king and crown prince Lee Yool’s (Do Kyung Soo) father.

5. Are you ready for the super serious love triangle?

Crown prince Lee Yool (Do Kyung Soo) and princess Kim So Hye (Han So Hee) have been married for 10 years, but they’ve never slept together. It was a marriage of convenience. “The princess character intrigued me, because she’s got everything anyone could ever want but feels super lonely inside,” said actress Han So Hee, who plays princess Kim So Hye. Speaking of the princess’s on-screen relationship with Lee Yool, she explained, “There’s no love and a lot of of fights. They don’t figure out or talk through their problems like Lee Yool and Hong Shim do.”

Are you planning to watch the first episode of 100 Days Prince tonight? Please comment below!

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100 Days My Prince

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