Hello, there! It’s me, an authentic DramaFever employee, here to sell you on this monster-length melodrama titled A Bird That Doesn’t Sing. Or, as we affectionately nicknamed it around the DF office, “Bird”!

A little about me before we get started. I’m from what is known in the DramaFever company as the video team, and I am one of the few lucky employees that gets paid to watch dramas. In exchange, I make sure the subtitles that viewers like you see on the site are up to our company’s golden standards, grammar and format-wise. Pretty sweet job, am I right?!

I’ve recently finished one of my projects, A Bird That Doesn’t Sing, a revenge story about Oh Ha Nui (played by Hong Ah Reum)’s journey to take down Chun Mi Ja (played by Oh Hyun Kyung), the woman who killed her mother and destroyed her family. In the span of a month and a half, I’d gone through several bags of popcorn, countless internalized screaming matches with my computer screen, three changes of favorite characters, and a roller coaster of emotions, including a number of times where I cried. At work. I mean all of this in the best ways possible because what I'm here to do is convince you to have the same experience. Not to cry at work, of course, but to cry because of how many feelings you’re having over sweet and beautiful K-drama characters who are suffering but don’t deserve to.

Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, here are five reasons to watch “Bird”!

1. Park Sung Soo and Oh Ha Nui’s relationship

They got off to a rocky start, admittedly. He wouldn’t let her sit next to her sister in the movie theater. She touched his butt. Even-steven.

From that encounter grew one of the healthiest K-drama romances I’ve ever see — founded on a clash of personalities, but built with unconditional love and mutual respect. Throughout the entire series, Park Sung Soo (played by Kang Ji Sub) does not once disrespect Ha Nui’s choices or feelings. At times when he has to go over her head or keep secrets from her, he does it for good reasons and to her benefit. In turn, she’s conscientious and sensitive about the effects their relationship has on his family. She loves him responsibly and has complete trust in him, not because he’s her One True Love, but because she knows and understands him as a person. When they have a problem, they approach it like adults. It’s just so nice to see a couple as united and in-sync as they are, facing off against a common enemy (the evil that is Chun Mi Ja — more on this gal later).

Also, they have the most amazing first kiss, but since I really don’t want to spoil that for you, here’s them acting like five-year-olds:

2. Seo Bong Sook

AKA Ha Nui’s best friend.

Played by Han Ga Rim, Seo Bong Sook is a ray of eternal sunshine. Not only is this girl adorable and sassy as heck, but she also puts up with so much bull she doesn’t have to in the name of friendship. When Ha Nui and her grandmother lost their home, she opened her tiny apartment up to them and let them sleep in her bedroom. When Ha Nui lost her mother’s company to Chun Mi Ja, she volunteeringly worked under the enemies for Ha Nui’s sake. When Ha Nui’s traitor sister, Yu Mi, bullied her, Bong Sook was there to tell Yu Mi off and defend her best friend’s dignity. Of course, she isn’t remotely resentful about any of this, which is why she’s better than all the other characters (can you tell that I’m biased?). She is the character who exists in this show vicariously for us because she does and says all the things we wish we can do and say, if only there was some way for us to transport ourselves into this fictional drama. Seriously, watch “Bird” for her, if not for anyone else.

(What a cutie! *heart-eyes*)

3. Min Ha Kyung

Played by Choi Soo Rin, Min Ha Kyung is the mother of Lee Tae Hyun, who is Ha Nui’s friend and later fiancé. She’s judgmental, greedy, and, most frustrating of all, easily manipulated. For a while, she’s a secondary villain in collusion with Chun Mi Ja to take over Ha Nui’s company, and then practically sold off her son by marrying him to a girl he doesn’t love. Overall, not a great lady.

The best part about her is seeing her go from this:

To this:

At some point in the whole struggle between Oh Ha Hui and Chun Mi Ja, she gives up on life and inadvertently becomes this endless source of comedic relief for the drama whenever she’s on screen, and it's beautiful and all too relatable.

4. Chun Mi Ja

Chun Mi Ja… How do I begin to explain of evilness that is Chun Mi Ja?

She had her own daughter run over by a motorcycle. She took out a huge insurance premium on her ex-husband and his new wife, then had her ex-husband’s new wife murdered and framed her husband for it. Let’s not also forget that she started this whole mess by stealing four billion won from her business partner, divorcing her husband and leaving him and her oldest daughter penniless, then fleeing to the Philippines only to lose the money she stole to another swindler.

These are just the start of all the crap she’s going to pull through “Bird.” Yes, this character is the epitome of the Evil Mother trope character. You cannot ask for a more messed-up villain. She does evil and ruthlessness so beautifully, and the moves she makes are so well-crafted, that you almost want her to win because she is just that good at screwing everyone over and getting away with everything.

Plus the actress, the wonderful Oh Hyun Kyung, does the most delightfully evil thing with her right eyebrow:

Here’s another example:

Fun game: drink a shot of water every time she does that. Not only will it add an extra level of entertainment while watching, it’ll also keep you well-hydrated when you embark on this 100-episode binge!

5. Last reason to watch “Bird”?

Is A Bird That Doesn’t Sing the best thing since kimchi fried rice? Maybe not, but it’s honestly a good drama with an excellent plot, well-constructed suspense, round and complex characters, and a cast of talented, perfectly-chosen actors. What are better reasons to watch any shows? And sure, it has its share of cliches as a show of its genre, but the way the cliches are woven into the tapestry of this story is believable and compelling. Besides, a Korean melodrama wouldn't be a Korean melodrama without evil mothers and an assortment of love polygons!

Over fifty episodes are now on DramaFever, with five new episodes coming out every Wednesday! What are you waiting for?!


A Bird That Doesn't Sing

Starring Hong Ah Reum and Oh Hyun Kyung (1970)

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