If you enjoyed watching Kim Go Eun's Sunset in My Hometown, here’s good news: We're rolling out a new slate of feature films, many of them brilliant like Bae Jong Ok’s In Between Seasons (환절기). Here are five reasons to check out this coming-of-age indie film.

1. Bae Jong Ok is a wonder-ajumma

Actress Bae Jong Ok has captured a wide spectrum of emotions on screen, posing to play our favorite K-drama mom to a hated villain. If you’re asking yourself who she is, we’re sure you’ve seen her before. She’s starred in ‘Bubble Gum,’ ‘That Winter the Wind Blows,’ ‘Wonderful Mama,’ ‘My Man’s Woman,’ and many more.

2. Lee Won Geun and Ji Yoon Ho are both proven talents

The male leads Lee Won Geun and Ji Yoon Ho are Korea’s up-and-coming actors, as you might have seen them in ‘Thumping Spike 2’ and ‘Cheer Up,’ and ‘Like for Likes’ and ‘Cheese in the Trap,’ respectively.

3. ‘In Between Seasons’ explores delicacies of a same sex couple

A middle-aged mother and her son’s boyfriend learn about each other and consequently about themselves after the son gets into a tragic accident. The film examines LGBT issues without being controversial. Bae Jong Ok wished at the film’s press conference that the audience wouldn't "label [In Between Seasons] as a queer film,” adding that she hopes it would speak for something much broader.

4. ‘In Between Seasons’ received an award at Miami international film festival

The film received a Jury Award (Honorable Mention for Best Feature Film) at the OUTShine Film Festival in Miami in April.

5. It’s crowdfunded

It’s one of the few films that raised funds from fans and investors on Wadiz, Korea’s largest crowdfunding site.

Watch the trailer below.

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In Between Seasons

Starring Bae Jong Ok and Lee Won Geun

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