I admit it. I love a good crime k-drama, and l also love a good k-drama about time travel, so when Tunnel showed up to replace Voice last week, I felt a little like how I felt when Kang Tae Ho finally confessed his feelings to Go Ho in Go Ho’s Starry Night. In other words, totally pumped! And after watching the first two episodes, I can tell you this show does not disappoint. While it has similarities to the gold standard of cop time travel shows, Signal, (because, you know, it is a cop time travel show!), Tunnel quickly develops its own unique style, story, and mystery. So here are my top five reasons why you should be as hooked on this show as I am right now.

1. Choi Jin Hyuk as Park Gwang Ho

My husband always refers to Choi Jin Hyuk as the “crying heir” from Heirs, but I have been a big fan of Choi Jin Hyuk for far longer than just that show, with some of my favorite roles including yes, the crying heir from Heirs, but also his roles in Emergency Couple and Fated to Love You, to name just a few. His various roles prove he is more than capable as both a comic or serious lead, and playing a cop who accidentally time travels 30 years into the future, having both comic and serious acting chops is definitely required. Also, his reaction to how tight the pants have gotten over thirty years? Priceless! He still wears them though, thank goodness. Fan service is not dead.

2. The Murderer

We don’t know much about the mysterious killer that Gwang Ho’s detective is hunting both in the past and present except that he is cold-blooded and very, very elusive. By the end of episode two, things get even more mysterious with our serial killer, and not to spoil anything, but it may just be that our detective isn’t the only one who stumbled into a different time period. Or maybe not. My k-drama imagination has been known to run wild in the early episode stages. But the crazy theorizing is half the fun, and this murderer lends himself to some wild ones!

3. The Partner

After one of my favorite meet cutes for new cop partners ever, involving some serious handcuff action, Gwang Ho realizes he has no choice but to get along with his new partner in the present day world. Prickly, anti-social, but also very smart, Yoon Hyun Min’s Detective is likely someone we’ve seen before in the past (my theory). But for now, the mystery behind Gwang Ho’s partner and his aloof behavior continue without clear answers, but with a few good laughs.

4. The Other Partner

Episode two also introduces us to a female forensic psychiatrist who specializes in female serial killers played by Lee Yoo Young. She is actually more awkward and strange than Gwang Ho’s new partner, which is really saying something. Also she may or may not be involved in a murder. I really appreciate the atypical introduction of a possible romantic lead that makes her intentions so ambiguous. Is she a creepy criminal? Is she a love interest to one of our cops? Is she a time traveler herself? (I told you, crazy theorizing is half the fun!) Whatever the answer, you will want to stay far away from her if she is holding a sharp pencil.

5. The Titular Tunnel

The tunnel that transports Gwang Ho thirty years into the future and possibly the serial killer into the future (or the past) may seem innocuous, but it will clearly play a key role in returning Gwang Ho to his time and also catching said serial killer. And it is the back drop to some of the saddest scenes as Gwang Ho desperately tries to reunite with his wife! The tunnel is an interesting plot device for the time travel theme, and I am looking forward to seeing just how much the tunnel’s elusive time travel powers mess with our characters. I have more crazy theories here, but I’ll save them for my fan fiction!

So there you have it, five good reasons why Tunnel will keep you biting your nails and coming back for more. Any other reasons to tune in I missed? Catch up now before tonight’s episode! 

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