Yesterday was our favorite Goblin's birthday! For any K-drama fan, there are a million reasons to be grateful for the talented and versatile actor Gong Yoo, but in honor of his birthday, here are five reasons why Gong Yoo holds such a special place in this K-drama fan's heart. 

1. He is my 1st Coffee Prince!

Coffee Prince was the first K-drama I ever watched, and it holds the unique place in my heart of marking the beginning of an epic obsession. It is also the show I still recommend to any new friend when I inevitably introduce them to K-dramas. I mean, if they can somehow resist the charms of Gong Yoo, they probably weren't meant to be my friend after all! 

(Seriously, how can you resist this face?!?)

2. His smile can melt even the Grim Reaper's heart

Though he has played plenty of serious roles, I love any role that gives him a chance to share that adorable, infectious grin of his! The world is better off with Gong Yoo's smile in it. Sigh. 

3. The man knows how to kiss!

Coffee Prince's love story also has one of the best K-drama kisses. Ever! Double sigh. And that speech he gives Yoon Eun Hye? Best. Speech. Ever. Even among the epic romances many K-dramas are known for, this man knows how to take that romance and notch it up to 11.  

4. He's good to his friends, and they love him too!

I loved, loved, loved the bromance in Goblin. And that friendship was as sweet off-screen as on, with Gong Yoo repeatedly gushing about Lee Dong Wook. Also, one of his oldest friends is Gong Hyo Jin, who I have a major BFF crush on, so clearly together we would make an amazing squad! 

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5. He is shy, and really loves his mom!

Gong Yoo is known for being on the shy side, which is adorable and gives all us introverts hope! But he also isn't afraid to show his emotions. When he accepted the Best Actor award at the Baeksang Art Awards he tearfully apologized to his mother for not spending enough time with her. OMG, I actually think hearts are coming out of my eyes right now. 

So, there you go, five reasons why we are all lucky to have Gong Yoo on our screens and in our hearts. This sweet, sincere actor is a treasure! K-drama fans, why do you love our Goblin? 


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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