Go Kyung Pyo won me over years ago as one of the more ridiculous flower boys next door, who woos and wins my favorite webtoon editor (and fantasy BFF) Kim Seul Gi. I've been a huge fan of him ever since. So I am beyond thrilled that Go Kyung Pyo is finally getting the main lead in Strongest Deliveryman, a K-drama about  a poor deliveryman who eventually becomes the CEO of a delivery app company. Here are five reasons I can't wait to see him take the lead in this new K-drama!

1. He's got serious comedy chops!

After Go Kyung Pyo debuted he spent several seasons on Saturday Night Live Korea honing his skills as a comedian. Those comedy chops always shine through in whatever role he plays, from Answer Me 1988 to Tomorrow's Cantabile. And he and Kim Seul Gi had AMAZING comic chemistry in Flower Boy Next Door. They still might be my favorite side character couple of all time! Kim Seul Gi gets it. There is nothing like a man who can make you laugh! Though the trailer is very serious, I'm hoping for a little fun in Strongest Deliveryman too!

2. He can act!

Even if he started out in comedy, he knows how to bring. the. drama. He totally held his own next to acting heavyweights Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo JIn in Jealousy Incarnate, a role for which he received the "New Star Award" at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards!

3. Um, he's gorgeous! 

Seriously. So freaking good-looking!!! Enough said. 

4. That smile is contagious!

I could just watch him smile all day. I know because it is a K-drama, that Strongest Deliveryman will likely be full of angst and pain, but when the smile shows up you know it will be totally worth it! 

5. Being the lead means he might finally get the girl!

Watching his angst throughout Jealousy Incarnate was TOUGH, no matter how much I also love Jo Jung Suk too! While I imagine it is not a smooth road ahead for our lead as he climbs his way to the top in Strongest Deliveryman, I'm rooting for the happy ending that so often eluded him as a second lead! Fighting, Go Kyung Pyo! Also, he really is not afraid to rock some crazy hair, is he? I guess that's reason #6 I adore!!!

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