We’re so happy to introduce Yoo Ah In’s Like for Likes, which he calls “cheesy but realistic,” that we’ve prepared five reasons to like him (for likes)!

1. He’s passionate

He’s one of the actors who doesn’t care about looking good on camera. He’s a workaholic and takes acting seriously.

He intentionally varies his works from periodicals (Six Flying Dragons) to romantic comedies (Like for Likes), because he doesn’t want to be associated with one genre and wishes to build a well-rounded image.

In this clip from historical film Sado, Yoo Ah In bleeds from actually banging his head against a concrete slab.

2. He’s thoughtful

Yoo Ah In shares his thoughts on social media like his character in Like for Likes. He’s written many witty Tweets too! Read his most recent, heartfelt letter to fans about his draft evasion rumors here!

3. He’s artistic

He’s a founder and creative director of Studio Concrete, an “artist group” he formed with friends in 2014. Studio Concrete hosts exhibitions, publishes Tom Paper and collaborates with brands like Budweiser, Boon the Shop, and Lucky Chouette. Its brick-and-mortar in Hannam-dong, Seoul, includes an atelier, library, gallery and cafe.

4. His friends are cool

How many of us out there can say we’re best friends with Descendants of the Sun’s Song Song couple? Yoo Ah In befriended Song Jong Ki through Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Song Hye Kyo through their agency, UAA.

Check out Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo’s latest photoshoot here!

5. He’s honest

Yoo Ah In is honest and brave just like his character in Like for Likes. He is not afraid to express his opinions while fully aware of the public image he must preserve to be an actor in Korean society. A funny caveat: Yoo Ah In has been a Lee Mi Yeon fan before they played a couple on Like for Likes!

6. He’s a feminist

At the Like for Likes press conference, Yoo Ah In called out gender inequality in Korean society. He explained that female actors and directors are called yeo-bae-woo and yeo-gam-dok, while the male counterparts are simply called bae-woo and gam-dok.

“Those words show that women are not yet on equal grounds with men. In that regard, I wanted to work with and support a female director. I was also curious how a female director would be different (to work with) because I’ve only worked with male directors,” Yoo Ah In said.

Yoo Ah In also shared his favorite line from Like for Likes, which goes, “When a man shares his opinions, he’s confident. But when a woman shares her opinions, why is she headstrong?” He liked this line so much that he added an ad lib. Watch Like for Likes this weekend to discover his ad lib!

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