Chinese company Xiaomi has grown into a major player in the Chinese smartphone market, and is looking to expand abroad. Here are five reasons you may be looking to buy a Xiaomi in the near future.

1. Xiaomi has the new Steve Jobs

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has been cultivating a Steve Jobs image for years. Points of commonality: black tops, jeans, sneakers, and exciting announcements. He’s also a billionaire.

2. More money in your pocket

The Xiaomi MI2, despite having very similar tech specs to the iPhone 5, only costs $130. That’s $640 less than the iPhone 5 and $340 less than the latest Samsung Galaxy

3. Faster Hardware, Bigger Screen

The Xiaomi MI2 has a slightly larger screen and twice the RAM of the iPhone 5. The MI3 is coming out soon.

4. Exponential Growth

Xiaomi was founded in 2010, and has grown to hold a larger share of the Chinese smartphone market than Apple.

5. It's more than just a phone

In addition to making smartphones, Xiaomi makes money from its online game center and Amazon-style marketplace. The more Xiaomis it sells, the more customers it can guide to its other services. Lei Jun recently said, “Xiaomi selling mobile phones is like Amazon selling Kindles.”