If love has come to an end, would you let it go or take a second chance to rekindle it? In the new romantic comedy Go Back Couple, unhappily married couple Ma Jing Jo (Jang Na Ra) and Choi Ban Do (Son Ho Jun) answer this question as they travel back in time to their college days when they first met. Here are 5 reasons to check out this adorable series!

1. Jang Na Ra doesn’t look her age, which makes the 18-year time slip believable.

On Go Back Couple, the 38-year-old husband and wife go back in time to their 20-year-old selves. Jang Na Ra, who initially felt nervous playing a 20-year-old, said it was easier in front of the camera. “I played a 20-year-old with the emotions of a 30-something me. It was easier than I thought. It’d be nice to go back to my 20-year-old self for once,” the actress said.

Producer Ha Byung Hoon said only Jang Na Ra could pull off playing a 20-year-old in one scene and then a 38-year-old in another. “She looks more natural when she plays a 20-year-old. We make her look older when she plays a 38-year-old,” Ha told Hankook Ilbo.

Jang Na Ra is 36 in real life. Her counterpart Son Ho Jun is 33.

2. Go Back Couple is based on a webtoon.

We've seen many great webtoon-to-TV remakes in the past few years as webtoons’ popularity soared in Korea. Go Back Couple is based on a romance webtoon called Let’s Do It Again. Jang Na Ra commented on the webtoon, “I’ve watched a bit of the original. It was super sexy.”

3. You’ll meet adorable actor Cho Hye Jung of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo again.

On Go Back Couple, episode 2, Ma Jing Jo (Jang Na Ra) meets Chun Seol (Cho Hye Jung), one of her two best friends from college. On Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Cho Hye Jung played Lee Sung Kyung’s best friend.

4. This couple is relatable AF.

Relationships are not about looking at your partner through rose-colored glasses all the time, and this show knows it. Go Back Couple exposes a couple at risk. They’re on the verge of a breakup. Miraculously they travel back in time, but it’s up to them to take it as a second chance to rekindle their love, or not.

5. As you watch, you’ll time slip with "Go Back" couple.

Go Back Couple focuses on elements of empathy and experience in a time-slip genre. “Audiences will vicariously ask, ‘What if I become young again?’ or ‘What if I didn’t meet my spouse?’,” producer Ha Byung Hoon said according to the source.

Plus, observing the '90s college campus in Korea adds to the charm.

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