Are you fan of Dae Jang Geum (A Jewel In the Palace)? Are you into historical dramas? Are you in love with those dedicated doctors? If your answer is YES, you should not miss Imperial Doctress. Check out the casts and the stories, you will definitely fall in love with this drama!

1. Top Tier Male Lead No.1: Wallace Huo

Born in Taiwan and moved to mainland China for his career, Wallace played a lot of lovable characters on the screen. Not only is he the leading actor in the costume piece Perfect Couple, but he is also the producer of this drama. Last year, his fantasy drama The Journey of Flower got the highest rating in Chinese TV among 50 major cable networks and achieved twenty billion hits on major streaming websites. In 2015,  China Newsweek selected Wallace as Person of the Year - the Most Influential Actor.

2. Top Tier Male Lead No.2: Huang Xuan

Graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, he made his debut in Chinese movie The Shaft. He won the Most Improved Actor from 2014 Domestic TV Series. He became the so-called "National First Love" because of his performance in the Legend of Mi Yue. He had a tough childhood due to the parents separation so you can always find certain blue in his eyes, which makes him even more attractive.

3. Beautiful historical setting in Ming Dynasty

All the costumes in this drama hold a simple but elegant style, including not only the outfits but also the accessories. Over three hundreds of costumes are shown in this drama. You can observe all the difference of clothes in terms of the professions or positions in the palace, especially when the female lead grows from a entry level doctor to the queens. 

4. An inspirational story based on a true historical character

You may need more context to better understand this drama. In Ming Dynasty, Neo-confucianism was at it's peak, the code of those principles made the status of women even more lowly. There were a lot  restrictions on women's activities. When women came out of the house and practiced certain professions, they are under a huge social judgement and pressure. In such an environment, the female lead in this drama insisted on her own dream, earning respect from those who hold a grudge against her and defying the traditions in the patriarchal society, showing a strong heart and personality. This story is quite inspirational and encouraging.  

5. Best music ever.

When the rain comes, sang by Lala Hsu, the Taiwanese singer who won the Best New Artist award at the 2010 Golden Melody Awards. She sang for two songs for this drama. The other is Before We Forget. 

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