The first two episodes of Partners by Blood, starring Takeru Sato, have proved that this is a hilarious, yet touching, drama you do not want to miss. Here are 5 reasons why if you haven't started watching it yet, you need to get on it now!

I could probably just focus on how hot Takeru Sato is and leave it at that,

but then you might call me shallow, and although that is true, there is so much more to my love for this show:

1. It has very charming characters, each with a very distinct personality.

2. Its a hilarious series, with great comedic timing.

3. It has heartfelt storytelling about family relationships and friendship.

4. It has the perfect balance of action, playfulness, and drama.

5. Its two leads are compelling actors with perfect chemistry.

Bonus: It has a bad-ass opening song. See for yourself!

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