As you know, it can be hard to know which amazing show you should be watching because we have so many good ones to choose from. This can be tough for a show without a big name attached to get recognition. One of these little gems is Sweden Laundry. Here are five reasons you should be watching it:

1. Song Ha Yoon


Song Ha Yoon plays spunky Kim Bom. Kim Bom loves her family, but she is fed up with them taking advantage of her. She’s loyal, kind, reluctantly compassionate, and she will beat the snot out of anyone she catches hurting one of her own. Thanks to her facetious, ghostly grandmother, she finds herself helping others, righting wrongs, and learning a thing or two in the process. She’s also part of a bizarre little love triangle that is more funny than frustrating.

2. Choi Jong Hyun (Changjo)


Playing the hardworking and loveable Yong Soo Chul, he is capturing our hearts as Kim Bom’s friend with a hidden crush on her. Soo Chul is a master networker and knows EVERYONE. As an illustrator renting a work space in the laundry, he often ends up helping Bom with the situations she gets herself into. He’s younger than Bom, so she treats him like a younger friend and doesn’t take him seriously. He hasn’t yet been able to confess his feelings — Bom might not take him seriously if he does. Their friendship on this show has been adorable.

3. The Family


When this drama starts, you pretty much hate her family. They take advantage of Bom’s loving nature so you can’t figure out why anyone would stick around these incredibly selfish people. There are also a few family secrets that may just turn everyone on their heads. Thanks to Grandma’s errands, you learn the backstory behind each person in this family. Bom is shown sides of her family she never knew, and, in turn, we learn that maybe they aren’t really the awful people we thought they were...maybe.

4. Ghostly Grandma.


This funny and sassy character is played by Lee Yong Yi. Grandma may have passed on, but she’s living it up in the world beyond. In the middle of her busy, incorporeal dating life, she finds time to point her young granddaughter in the right direction: sending her on various errands to help others. If Bom doesn’t want to help, watch out! This is a character determined to see her family become a loving one, all while helping Bom notice which boy will love her best.

5. Feel-good story

SL collage.jpg

The tone of this show is light and heartwarming. Ultimately, Grandma is showing Bom that her family is worth loving. She’s teaching her that things are not what they seem and it’s important to keep her eyes, and her heart, open. It is a well-told story that will make you feel good, laugh a little more, and just might make you want to hug your own family members a little more often.

These are just some of the reasons Sweden Laundry should be on your must-watch list.  If you are already watching Sweden Laundry, what do you like about this show? If you haven't started yet, you can catch the first episode below: