Actors Choi Siwon, Kang So Ra, and Gong Myung recently discussed the atmosphere on the set of Revolutionary Love, giving reasons you should check out this romantic comedy! On Thursday, Oct. 12, the Revolutionary Love cast and director Song Hyun Wook answered questions about the show at the Yeongdeungpo Times Square atrium. Here are the highlights from the Revolutionary Love press conference.

1. The three characters’ chemistry is unbeatable.

Kang So Ra says she felt super comfortable filming with Choi Si Won and Gong Myung, because they were of similar ages. Si Won added, “(The three of us) really clicked, which you will be able to check out on screen.”

2. Choi Siwon fell in love with the script.

"I received the script during my last time-off from the military. I loved how funny yet direct and witty the script was," Si Won explained about why he decided to film Revolutionary Love. "I'm a fan of director Song Hyun Wook, Kang So Ra, and Gong Myung. I'm so thankful that I got to film with them."

3. Kang So Ra had the most fun filming Revolutionary Love since filming Sunny.

“I enjoyed filming Revolutionary Love the most since the film Sunny,” Kang said. Just like her on-screen character, Kang So Ra has worked a lot of part time jobs, like a cashier at a market, photographer’s assistant, and bookstore clerk. Plus, she says going to the set to work felt like going to play!

4.The originality of his character attracted Gong Myung to join the cast.

“I was intrigued because this character was different from the other characters I’ve played before,” Gong Myung explained. “Plus, I’ve been wanting to work with director Song Hyun Wook.”

5. The Revolutionary Love director hopes to send an optimistic message to the twenty and thirty-somethings.

Director Song Hyun Wook of Another Oh Hae Young says the show’s intended message is to reinstall vitality in today’s youth. He says, “The three characters are actually a bit unrealistic, but the setting and their actions are based on everyday problems. I hope youll find this show relatable.

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