This weekend, I stopped life to marathon the new Japanese drama Tenchu, a decision that all drama lovers should make. Here are 5 reasons why you need to put all other dramas on hold and start watching.


Centuries ago, a female ninja dutifully served a bushido until a bombing accident. But rather than meeting her demise, the young warrior is transported to 2014, where she now inhabits the body of Sana (Ono Yuriko). Shell shocked with confusion, she wanders the streets of Tokyo until stumbling into Murata Seiko (IIzumi Pinko), whose daughter mysteriously disappeared 24 years ago. Under the wing of Seiko, Sana discovers a shared destiny that's truly a blast from the past.

1. The Bad Ass Female Lead

One word: Sana. This chick is one of the strongest, most agile, take-no-prisoners ladies I have ever seen in a drama (and I’ve seen a lot of them). I know I am not the only one who fist punches the air when our favorite lead tells the baddies where to shove it. She does everything from martial arts and yoga (this chick is flexible!) to parkour to get the job done.

2. The Powerful Granny

This has got to be the best grannies EVER! She came on to the scene like a boss and doesn’t stop once during the 8 episodes. She is like the Godfather and Mrs. Fields (the cookie lady) all rolled into one. This granny has no time for the nonsense a lot of female characters put up with in dramas (which usually have me wanting to punch the screen). Plus, when she calls the clan together for Tenchu, I’m ready to join in myself.

3. The Tenchu crew

Tenchu group

I am trying really hard not to give spoilers BUT this crew is so damn awesome that I squealed during every episode. Each character brings something exceptional to the group with Granny Awesome (yes that is what I’m calling her) leading the way.

4. The Mysteries


Every drama has mysteries in it (otherwise they wouldn’t be dramas), but this one was really interesting. Who is Sana? Why is she here? Where is her sister (oops small spoiler). Some answers are revealed, some are not, which means we might be fortunate enough to get a second season.

The Rice Balls


I know, I know, it’s random, but it’s true. Sana takes her payments in rice balls. I have never wanted a rice ball in my life, but by episode 3 I was craving it badly. Are they hard to make? Hard to find? Maybe I should just wait until they (hopefully) have season 2 to get my next rice ball fix.

I cannot urge you enough to at least check out the first episode. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Hit me up on twitter @young_ajummah and let me know how much you loved it when you’re done. You’re welcome.

By Sara A. Layne