Maybe you just finished You are All Surrounded and need something light and sweet after all that drama. Or maybe you stayed up all night last night watching Trot Lovers and need something to get you through until the next episode (patience is not a virtue of K-drama lovers!). Perhaps you just crave more K-dramas about guardian angels in your life now that Kara: Secret Love gave you a little taste. Whatever the reason, here are five good reasons why High School-Love On should be in your K-drama rotation right now.

1. Kim Sae Ron is like South Korea’s Natalie Portman. Both began their careers playing spunky children who befriend very dangerous men, Portman in the film The Professional and Kim Sae Ron in Man from Nowhere. In High School, Love On, her character may not be a black swan, but Kim Sae Ron is definitely proof, like Portman, that child actors can make good.

Man from Nowhere

2. Nam Woo Hyun, better known by his stage name Woohyun, is a member of the K-pop idol group Infinite. He is also really sweet to his fans, ergo now that I am a fan of his show, he’ll be sweet to me.

3. Things get more Infinite! With the addition of Lee Sung Yeol, we get two members of the same K-pop group forming the love triangle and the bromance. Will they sing? Will there be synchronized dancing? Will Hoya make a cameo? More reasons to watch and find out!

4. It’s a fresh take on a familiar story. So far, I am completely charmed by the “angel who gets stuck as a human” twist to the familiar high school K-drama storyline, with a quirky humor to it that keeps it light. And did I mention yet how adorable Kim Sae Ron is? When our angel first falls to earth, she does some creative art work on a mean ajhumma’s car. This is another refreshing change from the K-drama heroines who can barely even speak up for themselves (or maybe I have just been watching too muchFated to Love You), let alone commit vandalism in the name of justice. It is going to be fun watching her bring that spunk to high school.

5. There is a bully (or a few) who needs some comeuppance. See #4, but I am hoping it is our angel, and not the male leads, who really puts the bully in his place and is the hero of this story. Again, I am rooting for a show where the female lead has innocence and spunk, and this show is shaping up to be just what I need.

High School-Love On is so good that it's already made its way onto the DramaFever Top 10! Watch it now!

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