The man who China reportedly issued a public security warning over, Song Joong Ki, made a short special appearance on “News9”, KBS’ 9:00 p.m. news program. While it sounds a bit lackluster on the surface, it was a big deal, as a celebrity appearing personally on the newscast was unprecedented. The presence of the star was highly anticipated due to his popularity from the drama currently airing on the station, Descendants of the Sun, and for it being the first interview he has given since the start of filming the drama. Unsurprisingly, the ratings for that night’s news program increased from 19.7 percent the night before to 23.3 percent that evening, giving a 3.6 percent jump. Here are five interesting facts he revealed in the interview!

1. The dating rumors between him and co-star Song Hye Gyo are not true, but they are amused by the rumors.

2. If he could pick a character in real life, Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Go) or Yoon Myung Joo (played by Kim Ji Won), he would pick Kang Mo Yeon.

3. His appearance on the 9:00 p.m. newscast was a dream come true.

4. There are no social media accounts from him because he is not tech-savvy.

5. With the rise of his Hallyu Korean wave star status, he feels a sense of responsibility.

Check out the full interview with English subtitles below.

Source: KBS

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