The lead couple in the hit melodrama MaskPark Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon, got off to a rough start, but now that the drama has hit the episode 6 mark, things are really starting to heat up! While the story has mainly focused on the greed, mystery, and intrigue of a corporate family, the romance has finally developed between the leads as they learn to open up and trust each other, gradually removing the "masks" they are hiding behind. Here are 5 intensely romantic moments so far. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Up to this point, Min Woo has shown Eun Ha nothing but coldness and hostility. After witnessing Eun Ha's love for who he thinks is her nanny, Min Woo finds himself accidentally opening up and showing his vulnerability and desire for love in his own life. This is the moment the ice around his cold heart begins to melt. 

2. What K-drama romantic story is complete without a scene where the couple finds themselves running away from bad guys, thereby having an excuse to hold hands and get the euphoric high that is a natural result of an adrenaline rush? 

3. In the beginning, Min Woo is adamant about drawing the line between a marriage formed as a business contract and a marriage built on love. He is distrustful of Eun Ha until he sees her stand up for the village merchants who would be displaced by his business expansion. He begins to admire, respect, and even pity her, and he places her gently in his bed instead of relegating her to the couch for the first time. 

4. It's clear that Min Woo is beginning to develop true feelings for Eun Ha, but he stills feels the need to hide his romantic actions behind the guise of the necessity of duty. This is the first moment that Eun Ha is swept off her feet by him as if in a dream.

5. Isn't this the best excuse for naked time you have ever seen? They basically went from hand-holding-skinship to full-on-all-skin-involved-skinship! But it was all in the name of safety, of course. Hot!

Have you been watching Mask? What do you think of the chemistry of the main couple? Isn't this show addicting?

I can't wait to see how the relationship continues to develops and they manage to overcome the obstacles hurdled at them by scheming family members. If you haven't seen Mask yet, get on it! You can start with the first addicting episode below: