If, like me, you are eagerly anticipating the premiere of My Shy Boss, then you probably already have a soft spot for the introverted underdog. While many main male leads in K-dramas don’t have an issue with being shy, the ones that do tend to run the introversion gambit from just socially awkward to gruff and taciturn but with a heart of gold, or at least brushed silver. Whatever the flavor of shyness, as an introvert myself, they are all some of my biggest K-drama crushes. So in preparation for Yeon Woo Jin’s shy boss, here are five of my favorite shy guy bosses in K-dramas that are sure to make you swoon in a very un-shy way.

1. Ji Sung from She Was Pretty

My future husband Park Seo Joon plays shy guy and boss Ji Sung Joon in She Was Pretty, but this is not your typical shy introvert. In business Ji Sung comes off as anything but shy. In fact he comes off as a total jerk. But as we, and his love interest / former best friend discover, under the polished professional exterior is the same shy awkward boy that the extroverted Kim Hye Jin fell in love with years before. And she was right to fall for him. This shy guy has never been cuter. Also, writing this has convinced me to re-watch this show. For the third time. Sigh. 

2. Kang Tae Ho from Go Ho’s Starry Night

Don’t have the time to binge-watch 16 episodes of She Was Pretty before My Shy Boss premieres? No problem. You can get a healthy dose of shy-bossness with the short series Go Ho’s Starry Night, which has another of my all-time fave shy dudes, Kim Young Kwang’s Kang Tae Ho. This character proves that you can still be too shy to tell the girl you’re crushing on you care, but not too shy to make her work life miserable. Layers of an onion, this guy! And since poor, shy Kang Tae Ho has to rely mainly on smoldering looks to reveal his feelings, we the audience are the biggest winners. Because that man’s smolder could put matchbooks out of business. Because, you know, he’s super hot.

3. Kang Sun Woo of Oh My Ghostess

An alternative title to Oh My Ghostess could have been "Oh My Shy Chef!" Jo Jung Suk’s Kang Sun Woo may be a big-time chef, but at the end of the day, he’s got his own childhood issues that leave him insecure and timid when it matters most, like in matters of the heart. And of course, much to the frustration of our titular ghostess, he is especially shy in the bedroom. 

4. Healer's Seo Jung Hoo

Oh, my favorite, favorite shy guys is Healer’s Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo. He's self-employed, so he's his own boss, and certainly a shy one at that. Despite his ability to fight off a room full of gangsters with just his pinky finger, sharing his emotions are our Healer’s weakest link. And besides being really shy, the whole secret identity thing really puts a damper on his ability to woo his lady friend. The shy guy trope has never been sexier than our secretive and lonely crime fighter.

5. Goblin's Grim Reaper

Both Goblin's Goblin and Grim Reaper have some shyness issues, especially early in the show, but since the Grim Reaper is the boss of death, I’ll argue that he can count as a shy boss. Besides, his character takes his taciturn shyness to a whole new, and magical, level with the help of hats and houses that render him invisible, unless someone sincerely needs to use the restroom. To say he’s got baggage from his past is an understatement, and while his character has to overcome far more than his discomfort with the living, like all those past sins he committed, he is still a shy boss we are rooting for. 

So there you go, a few of my favorite shy bosses. So many I wasn't able to include, though! Who is your favorite shy boss?

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