Viewers are finding that Saimdang: Light's Diary is more than a mystery drama that links romance between the past and the present. Beyond the historical romance, the high anticipation for Hallyu star Lee Young Ae's comeback drama, and handsome leading man Song Seung Hun's return to K-dramaland, there is a surprising aspect that we encounter in the drama, when an affluent and educated woman is dealt with some very unexpected harsh realities, starting with a toxic boss.

Spoilers Alerts!

If you've ever worked for a boss, then you'd know that sometimes you have no control in the type of bosses you find yourself working for. It often occurs in the corporate world, but bullying and backstabbing bosses can be found in the academic world too, as Seo Ji Yoon (Lee Young Ae) is about to find out in Saimdang: Light's Diary.

She is a PhD candidate whose adviser, Professor Min (effective played by Choi Jong Hwan), is actually a calculating manipulator who steals credit from his students and kicks them out after he's done. 

When the drama first begins, she is unaware of the true face of her boss and tries her best to appease his demands.

1. He gets her to help with personal matters:  She brings homemade delicacies over and helps his wife with housework. It's been like this for several years.

2. Carrot and stick: After being promised an important project, she grows suspicious that the painting that he had authenticated is a fake. When her assessment is involuntarily revealed, he is angry and plans a secret revenge to destroy her.

3. Backstabbing: He takes her to an overseas conference but tells her to buy socks when they both attended a reception at the conference.

4. False charges: He cancels her hotel room and abandons her in a foreign country, and then falsely claims that she left the conference on her own. 

5. Not a drip of compassion in his soul: Even when she throws all pride away by kneeling at his feet to beg for a chance, he coldly throws her out.

By this time, her husband is on the run for financial fraud and her career prospects are dimmed, she sees no choice but to beg the man responsible for shaming her and stripping her of her professional credentials.

Sure, it's just a drama, and it's a great set-up to see how our heroine-to-be will discover her inner strength and ultimately overcome the obstacles in life. But, in the meantime, she is heartbroken to discover that her boss has used her and betrayed her.

What's really surprising is that, unlike in other dramas that have a time-travel or a dual historical link, what happens in the present time is also very eye-opening, when we see how a modern and educated woman still has to endure unreasonable and unfair burdens even in the 21st century.

I can't wait to see her rise up to become a true heroine.


Saimdang: Light's Diary (Herstory)

Starring Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun

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Have you ever worked for a toxic boss?

What would you do to stand up to such a boss?

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