The hit melodrama Mask, starring Park Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon, has steadily gained popularity among fans around the world thanks to not only the intriguing storyline and chemistry between the talented actors, but also its incredibly beautiful and moving soundtrack. If you manage to sit through an episode without at least tearing up a little when the theme music starts to play, then you are probably a robot. Here are 5 songs from the Mask OST that will make you feel all the feels. 

1. "Only One Day" Lyn

The second this song comes on, it makes you feel angsty all over like your heart is about to be broken in half. It only heightens and accentuates the actors' amazing ability to make you feel their pain. 

2. "Sick" Zico and Girl's Day Sojin

Sojin's soulful voice depicts sadness, while Zico's rap counters it perfectly with the anger that accompanies a tumultuous relationship. 

3.  "There's No Love" Byul Ha

This wistful song about lost love is sure to carry you away to melancholic memories. 

4. "Tell Me a Lie"  Navi

The lies we tell each other and ourselves to make it through life are a central theme of Mask, and Navi's song perfectly captures the emotion of people who would rather believe in a falsehood than face the reality of their lover's dishonesty. 

5. "One Person" Moon Myung Jin

While so many of Mask's songs are sad and tumultuous to match the mood of the drama, this gem expresses the hope and healing that true love can bring.

What has been your favorite song from Mask so far? Are you loving the drama as much as I am? Watch the latest episode below: