If you've had "dream a dream of you, a dream I’m kissing youuuuu..." or "I rememberrrrr..." stuck in your head for the last few weeks, it can only mean one thing—you've been bitten by the Another Oh Hae Young bug and you can't get enough of the catchy original sound track. Well, the best way to get rid of a song in your head is to just give in and listen to it a few times on repeat, so I have made a special playlist of the 4 main theme songs from the drama just for you!  

1.  "Just Like a Dream" by Ben

One of the amazing things about Another Oh Hae Young is that it makes you cry one minute, laugh out loud the next, and then fall in love. This song represents the heartache of lost love and the pain of old memories that haunt both our leads at the beginning of the drama.  

"I remember, that cold day
My heart kept trembling, I was afraid I’d cry
Let me go like a dream that’ll go away when you open your eyes
If not, stay by my side"

2. "What is Love?" by Seo Hyun Jin, Yu Seungwoo

This upbeat, catchy song is about how melancholic love can be—one minutes it makes your heart burst with joy, and the next minute it rips it in half, and yet we still long for in anyway.  

"What is love
To make my heart this way?
Every day, I shed tears, my nose runs
My heart aches
What is love
To make my heart race
On your sweet lips
I want to lay my heart on it"

3. "Little Miss Sunshine" by Wable

This playful and upbeat song celebrates the way that love disarms us and gives us childlike joy, often when we least expect it.

"I can’t hide my fluttering heart, my light footsteps
When I see you from far away
You brightly smile at me

It softly melts down, softly 

My heart melts with you, my small and cute
little miss sunshine"

4. "Maybe I" by Roy Kim

This soft and melodic love song is the perfect representation of the love that Do Kyung is trying in vain to avoid and the happiness that awaits him if he can only let Oh Hae Young in. 

"Like the starlight 

You came into my dark heart 

Maybe I have met you 

To finally find happiness"

Doesn't the OST perfectly fit this touching drama about second chances at love? Which songs can't you get out of your head?

I can't wait to see what other new songs they add! 

Here's a Spotify playlist so you can listen to these songs on repeat. (Roy Kim's song is not yet available). Make sure to follow out official Spotify account

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