The talented singer Ailee has proven again and again that she is the rising queen of Korean drama soundtracks. Her powerful vocals have the ability to make you feel things you didn't know you could. Here are 5 OSTs by Ailee that will leave you mourning over long-lost love, even if it's fictional! 

1. "Goodbye My Love" (Ailee) from Fated to Love You

My friend, who is me, shamefully listened to this song about 20 times in a row with at least 20 buckets of tears streaming down her face after hearing it in Fated to Love You. She still can't really talk about how this song makes her feel to this day. 

2. "Day by Day" from Triangle

If you've ever loved, lost, and couldn't let go (yes this applies to K-dramas you can't get over), then this Ailee song from Triangle will speak to you and bring all those painful memories to remembrance. 

3. "Ice Flower" from Queen of Ambition

Ailee pours her heart out while singing this incredibly popular and powerful OST for Queen of Ambition. If the drama doesn't suck you dry of all feels (which basically means you are a robot), then the song does. 

4. "Love Note" from Full House Take 2

"Love Note" is on the lighter side of Ailee's romantic ballads, but that doesn't mean it's possible to be immune to feeling emotions you thought you didn't have.

5. "Are You the Same?" from Shine or Go Crazy

Ailee's newest K-drama soundtrack is "Are You the Same?" from currently airing drama Shine or Go Crazy. The beautiful melody tugs at your heartstrings and tempts you to blame allergies or onions for the water inexplicably trickling down your cheeks. 

Hear Ailee's work in context on Shine or Go Crazy:

Isn't Ailee so amazingly talented? I hope she continues to contribute her beautiful, heartfelt songs to K-drama OSTs. Which of her OSTs is your favorite?