Supernatural dramas are one of my favorite K-drama sub-genres, and so it is with major excitement that I eagerly anticipate any new show with a ghost, ghoul, or spirit element to it. That alone makes me excited for Let’s Fight Ghost, but then add in that the cast is being led by Ok Taec Yeon and Kim So Hyu, and really the whole thing is supernatural gold. If you are new to the supernatural sub-genre, don’t worry, I forgive you. To get you started, here are five hauntingly good shows to help add a taste of the supernatural to your well-balanced K-drama diet.

 1. The Master's Sun

This is, to me, the quintessential supernatural K-drama. Helmed by my writing biases, the Hong Sisters, It has all the elements that make a ghost story, or any story, great. Unbelievable chemistry between our love interests, one of whom is also my future husband So Ji Sub, and a flawless mix of humor, romance, and spookiness. I’ve re-watched this show more times than I will ever willingly admit on the shame-machine that is the internet, but I will admit that every time I re-watch even one episode, I go to sleep happy, but also with a night light on. 

2. Who are You?

This drama is so good! It shares the added bonus of also starring Ok Taec Yeon, since Let’s Fight Ghost is not his first foray into the spirit world. It also has one compelling, and ghostly, love triangle. While this show is far darker than Master’s Sun, it is still deliciously fun to watch in its own right. Also, did I mention this guy stars in it. 

3. Oh My Ghostess

Oh my, this one is another spooky gem, especially for the love story between Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk, and of course one of my favorite comic actresses of all K-drama time, Kim Seul Gi--who steals every scene she is in as the promiscuous ghost with a sexy grudge. This one does not have many individual ghost sub-plots like Master’s Sun or Who Are You, but the overarching mystery of what Kim Seul Gi's grudge really is (though needing to get A+ fan service from Jo Jung Suk seems a decent reason not to go into the light to me) keeps the show moving forward. Also, this show introduces the sub-sub-genre of a ghost cooking k-drama, which the world needs more of IMHO. Think Pasta meets Master’s Sun. I probably should have just said that to start with.

4. 49 Days

Only watch this if you are looking to lose a few pounds in water weight through your tear ducts. It is supernatural, yes, but also SO SAD. But also SO GOOD. That being said, it does work as a spooky alternative to a juice cleanse for losing a little water weight. If you can watch this drama and not cry, then I think you may need to question if you are in fact a robot.  An alternative title to this could easily have been Sad Ghosts. 

5. Arang and the Magistrate

Think ghosts wearing hanboks. And looking beautiful. But acting a little goofy. If you think the amnesia plot device in K-dramas was reserved only for the living, think again. Shin Min Ah plays a ghost with no memories, but enough chutzpah to keep you watching. You won’t be as scared as a few of the other shows, but you will be charmed.

BONUS: Spellbound

 If you don’t have time to binge-watch a show right now because you already have enough to do juggling all your uncontrollably fond doctors and fighting ghosts, this movie is just for you. Scary, romantic, and a little odd, you won’t need the time commitment of a 20-episode show, but you will probably still need So Ji Sub to hold you when you are done.

There you have it. Running the gambit from silly to scary, these shows will thrill and chill. Did I miss your favorite supernatural show? Tell me now!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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